‘DHONDOONGA’ by Haroon

Well, the 90’s kids do not need to be reminded of a fun-loving, high-spirited Haroon. We all have shaken a leg on his songs. Right since the inception of the band ‘Awaz’, Haroon has been proved to be the ultimate star. Whether its ‘Mr. Fraudiye’, with the unforgettable flamboyant video of its time or ‘main na mano haar’, youth have always loved them.
Even after the band parted its ways Haroon embarked on his personal journey of stardom. As his music was an amalgamation of pop and rock, it always took over the youth with a storm.

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All menhdi’s of that time had a must song ‘Mehndi ki khushbu se’ in the playlist.
Along with music Haroon has always been admired for the visual experience he provided to his audience.
His wonderful music videos were always ahead its time, whether its neon suited guys in Mr. Fraudiye or Haroon fighting, riding, or swinging a sword to save his beloved in, ‘Yaara’, giving the video a taste of ancient love, his performance has been always convincing.

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Once again he came up with yet another amazing song with a unique video. Though he himself said that the song was composed a few years back and the video too but it still has a very contemporary feel that shows how much ahead of his time is this man.

The video brings a nostalgic feel and retro animation feel. Though the video was made a few years back but still one of its kind. The video brings a signature Haroon style and the same goes for music.
The composition is a very buoyant pop song, which brings activeness to our sleeping, slowed minds.
As Haroon decided to release the song due to our stagnant routines, this song is definitely a gust of freshness.
I m sure you ‘ll enjoy it and it will uplift your spirits.

Watch Haroon – Dhundoonga

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