De-glamour-i-zation; a byproduct of desi industry

In our country / society whenever we talk about ‘Entertainment’, our focus diverts towards drama industry of Pakistan. This is so because television is the most successful medium of entertainment for our people as of now. Our dramas has always reached out to the people on mass level and they are always applauded for the content and its execution.
Today i don’t want to talk about content, craft & cast but something that grabbed my attention has nothing to do with any technical stuff but the ‘huliya’ (looks & stuff) of our celebrities. As in these days we have nothing else to do except watching television timelessly or scrolling our social media news feeds, i came across two different worlds of our celebrities’ i.e, personal & televised.
This was first time i noticed that all around the world celebrities have to upgrade their glam game but Pakistani media is the only platform where our celebrities have to de-glam themselves to make their audience believe that they are not ‘ALIENS’.

Hence this contrast motivated me to THINK!!!

The insta world of our stars is totally NOT what they portray on screen. I saw a girl doing a character of ‘abla-nari’, ‘bechari girl’ on tv and the same moment i caught by a total different avatar of her on Instagram, and trust me she was looking way more attractive in real life. I instantly preferred to see her insta feed instead of watching her on tv screen and she took me over by surprise but what actually shocked me were the abusive, brutal comments of our ‘awaam’ on her candid pictures.

(To mention she was wearing a crop top with jeans)

They were like:
* ‘Boht ghareeb hai bechari thorey paisey de do isko’ (you might have enough spend some on your own grooming instead of getting insecure)
* ‘Ab ye ramazan transmission b karey gi’ (simple, don’t watch her program bro & chill)
* ‘Ye humara culture nahi’ (is she a cultural ambassador?)
* – – – – – maa baap ki izat ka janaza nikal rahi hai’ (aur app apni zuban ka)
* ‘Islami Jamhorriyaa Pakistan main ab aisa hoga, azaab q na ayain?’ (Hmmm right!!!! because child rapes, undelivered justice, acid attacks, plight of transgenders, physical, mental & emotional abuses, unemployment, beggary, corruption, etc etc are not savage enough to invite nature’s wrath but her dress is….)
* ‘Humare bachoon aur jawaan nasloon pe kya asar parey ga?’ (Wellll!!!!! Do you really think the couch potato sitting next to you would ever got up, put their junk food aside and labour to get that chiseled jawline? Thats Out of their league so calm!!!!)
My point is why people take celebrities as their phupo ki beti? (Aunt’s daughter) (don’t think that i believe in meddling up phupo ki beti’s personal life is right, its strongly condemned) but just saying… why people???
A celebrity should be infatuating, they are selling stories and its their job that keep us entertained. Our people love watching Hollywood stuff, guys have you ever seen spider man hopping from one building to another? But you still love that stuff why?? Because its fantasy. Seriously if you have any doubt let me clear that there is no Spiderman in American culture.
Actors are not role models they are performers and we should give them some artistic liberty.

Lets face the reality, we are a nation who are drooling over our PM for his ‘good looks’. ‘Hamsafar’ the iconic drama with an average story and mediocre acting became iconic because of glamorous cast and wonderful sets.
As far as culture is concerned half of our nation was awestruck by extremely contentless and superficial dramas of our neighbours, our women watched them for ages did anyone of you found your women wearing kanjiwaram saaris, huge bindis and maang main sindoor?
Never, because culture is imbibed from your home and family.

Media is not a mode of brought up, sorry if you think that children get their ‘tarbiyat’ from television than you should cut down their tv hours, spend more time with your kids, make them adopt some healthy activities instead of being taped with entertainment all the time. Still if you think that they will get influenced by it then kindly stop them following Kareena , Priyanka , Alia , Deepika, Katrina etc. Also J’lo, Rihanna, Shakira etc and many more.

The constant bashing of Mehwish Hayat ka tamgha, Mawra Hocane’s name and degree, Mahira Khan and Hamayun Saeed’s age, Danish Taimoor, Muneeb Butt & Fahad Mustafa’s rapid complexion shift etc, only imparts pessimism. They all look great and groomed wonderfully. We should accept them the way they are instead of constantly negating their efforts and their learning.
All 90’s people loved Joe simply because he was a handsome, stupid man.

I personally love Game of Thrones, but trust me i never give a thought of getting any Dragons.

So just relax people,

Its time to unlearn lot of negativity that we have imbibed from certain taboos and let celebrities have some artistic freedom and personal freedom too.

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