Xulfi becomes Vicoustic’s FIRST Pakistani Endorsement

Vicoustic – a world leader in innovative acoustic treatment and sound isolation solutions endorses their first Pakistani musician who happens to be none other than Pakistan’s very own Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan. Recent makeover for his recording studio has been the talk of the music circle. Always believing in giving the artist a professional, superstar treatment, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan’s recording studio now is a real treat for any artists who gets his/her music/voice recorded at Xth Harmonic.

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Stylish, attractive and enhancing the room for a great sound, Xulfi wanted nothing but the extraordinary for the artists who came over for not just recording, but also to simply pop in for a cup of coffee.

With the advent of globalization and open economies in the developing nations, the consumers in the same are experiencing entry of more and more foreign products. The news of Xulfi being endorsed by Vicoustic should not be looked at as merely just a deal between an artist and a brand, rather it puts Pakistan on the musical global map, opening door of opportunities for musicians and music producers of Pakistan’s music industry.

“I feel that only now I’m able to hear my room with my mics in utmost purity. I absolutely love it now after the Vicoustic treatment. The eco-friendly and health friendly products have transformed my room to not just a recording space, but a conversation space too and it’s aesthetically pleasing. I can confidently claim that all are my best recordings to date. I absolutely love the fact that now my room can sound as intimate and as spacious with utmost cleanliness effortlessly.” says Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan

Being mentor in a true sense, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan does not shy away from sharing details of his tried and tested equipment’s and gadgets in his studio. He has lately been very active when it comes to guiding and helping his fellow musicians and aspiring musicians/singers in setting up their own studio.

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