‘Ask Xulfi’ is Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan’s new Opus

Xulfi is known to be always keen on helping young music producers, sound engineers, songwriters, singers and musicians. Sharing a heartfelt clip on his YouTube & social media Xulfi talked about how he started his music in an era where there was no means like YouTube or social media to have access to all information and no source as such to put his music out to the world.

Born on 28 October 1980 in Lahore, Pakistan; Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan started his career in 1994

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“I started off in the non YouTube era hence I learned with experimentation and experience layered with 100 percent love, care, intent and effort for music. I want to make use of my journey to help you evolve, improve and never give music up and to continue your dream. Hence here I am”

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Xulfi further whole heartedly talks about how he wants to reach out to the aspiring music producers, sound engineers, songwriters, singers and musicians and help them by imparting his knowledge and experience with them. With the sessions in ‘Ask Xulfi’, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan’s hopes to address issues that are sometimes easily overlooked in recording and mixing process. “If you tackle those, you won’t believe how open, clean and clear your mix starts to sound. Taking care of them also ensures you’re doing a great favour to your song, your mix and your master. Make your videos asking me your music, sound, production, mics, songwriting or any related questions and email them to me at AskXulfi@gmail.com
I’ll try my best to attend to each of them in a video. Your videos will be a part of my answers video too. Go for it and never forget that the toughest times always bring the best out of us”

The first session of Ask Xulfi focuses on:

1. Gain Staging: help you ensure you are recording your signals at the right gain and also ensuring the signals remain at good gain during your mixing process as well. Remember, a good mix depends on a lot of things. Gain Staging is one of the most important aspect in that effort towards a good mix.

2. Microphone Patterns: This is an introduction to Microphone Patterns. Xulfi explains the most used pattern “cardioid” and shows practically how it works and how it can help you with microphone placement in a home or project studio environment or otherwise in a live setup as well. Good home recording is a challenge. This will help you better your recordings in imperfect spaces.

3. Studio Sound Proofing and Isolation: You might have all the things you need to create enough isolation and sound absorption and proofing to record decent enough tracks with as less ambient noise as possible right at home. Yes, the right gain staging and the microphone patterns will help you with one part of the equation. But for those techniques to work their maximum wonder, the tips in the video will guide you through.

4. Pedal Board: This part focuses on how to connect pedalboard directly to the PA system without micing a cabinet as it is very difficult to carry the amp/cabinet around everywhere. Apart from the question asked, Xulfi also shares information regarding his must have pedals!

5. Budget Drum Recording & Microphones: This part focuses on recording the drums on a budget and how much does the room matter. The answer to all of this is in the video with some product links

6. Vocal Treatment in Mixing Overview: Xulfi answers a question about vocal treatment in mixing. short overview and conversation about eq, compression, reverb for vocals.

Make your videos asking your music, sound, production, mics, songwriting or any related questions and email them to Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi) at AskXulfi@gmail.com

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