With independence day this year comes the beautifully composed national song as a tribute to Pakistan by the fresh and splendidly skillful talent Rafia Zeeshan.

Hailing from Faisalabad, Rafia Zeeshan has worked previously as a lecturer of Media and Mass Communications at WISH and Foundation University Islamabad and as a private channel tv host however she had to leave her job as an established educationist to look after her young kids who needed her due attention.

A gifted singer, Rafia performed for the first time as a 7-year-old in front of a crowd and her passion for singing allowed her to have several wins in competition to her name at College, University and national level. For two consecutive years she won The Best Vocalist Award. Her inborn knack for singing had always followed her throughout her life however she gave foremost importance to look after her kids as a doting mother at the expense of ignoring her dream.

With ‘‘Dil Tu Jaan Tu’’ Rafia Zeeshan has finally given her dream of singing a chance. A devout lover of her motherland Pakistan, Rafia has always wanted her debut to be made out of a national song. The well-blended vocals in the song do not come as a chance but it’s her perfectionist nature that has made her command on her voice to be polished.

The enchantment of the tunes begins when splendid poetry is tossed into the composition which her husband provides for her in poetry. Her strength lies in being able to sing in English and Urdu languages both. She considers herself a big fan of Nayyara Noor, Nazia Hassan, and Hadiqa Kiani in Urdu songs and as for international music she looks up to Whitney Huston, Adele and Celine Dion.

The love for the nation is one such that speaks of its enthusiasm and what better way than to voice it in a wonderful and catchy song?

Rafia Zeeshan has done just that and her debut song ‘‘Dil Tu Jaan Tu’’ bears an example to it. The audio and visuals invite the listeners and viewers alike to sing along. The catchy chorus ’Pakistan’ is well-chosen as being the core element of the song that one sings to even after finishing to listen to it.

The music video begins with our founder Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s graphic. Initially showing the recording studio where the singer immerses herself into the vocals, in the following change of shots the scenic beauty of Pakistan is captured in the video along with the strength of love and devotion that the artist has for her nation.

The song leaves a pleasant vibe as it finishes and leaves the listeners with a freshness in their patriotism that is already present.

On this independence day, let’s bring forward and support the talented and gifted Artist Rafa Zeeshan with her song ‘‘Dil Tu Jaan Tu’’, releasing on the 10th of August on Youtube.

Watch Dil Tu Jaan Tu:

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