Halime of Ertugrul, is that you?

As I have already written about our very dear nation’s obsession with a dressing of actors in reel life or real life in detail. If you want to read it click the following link ??

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This time it is not our industry’s bahu, beti (daughter-in-law or daughter) but, Queen/Princess or whatever, ‘HALIMEEE’ from our recent obsession ‘Ertugrul’, a Turkish series based on the great warrior of Islamic history. It actually depicts the backdrop of the Ottoman Empire, but who cares ??? Our obsession started with ‘THARKI-i-ZATION’ and led us to search our Halima Baji on Instagram, Twitter, etc, etc.

What we discovered was;

Lo and behold!!!!

She turned out to be not so Haleeme…!!

Why? Why? Why?

What we saw was Esra Bilgiç, a normal yet gorgeous actor living her life, totally ignorant that a nation of possessed mindset is fixated on her. Not only they are fixated on her but they also started schooling her for how un-Islamic is her lifestyle. As our desi-netizens were shattered and enervated to see Queen Halime wearing short dresses, skirts, off-shoulders, lying on the beach, and simply chilling.

Its off-limit!!!

How could she? She is OUR HALIME (though even the play is not our’s) but Halime is our property.

‘I expected you to be more devout’, commented by someone whose tiny opinion does not even matter to the actor.

So Halime un-Islamic, Halime not so Queen, Halime enjoying normal clothing and not so modest lifestyle according to the FANS, is something all about happening in Pakistan right now.

Why do we behave like this???

A few days back I was watching a drama review show which is on fire these days on youtube and I adore the reviewer, she is spunky, she is cute but what I can’t take is her regressive views.

She sits with her son and talks about various dramas. Though the bashing comes as candid as a mother’s love though when she says

‘Haiiiiii Honey (her son) peechoon aiiidaaaaa waddda galaa paa ke koi janda ae Piyoooo de samne??’ (Translation for non-Punjabis; ‘do anyone wears such a deep back neck in front of their Father?)

Whereas, Honey bechara have no clue how to react because he is totally into Hollywood stuff and gives a damn to what Ama believes in. Honey loves to flaunt his dis-interest in Pakistani dramas and tell viewers that he can only suggest some Hollywood seasons. *sighsss* which makes me feel bad for Ama, the innocent soul who thinks that Nirma ka Gala would make her Honey a pervert and all the HONEYS of Pakistan should not see it and therefore, Nirma should hide her gala from Back!!

Though Ama has no idea that what extent of nudity these Desi-Honeys have already seen.

The way we are bringing up our

‘kathey angrez’ and inculcating double standards in them is horrendous. We divulge into the private space of every celebrity or any half-known person, dig out their personal life and bash them to set an example for a new set of perverts that we are bringing up.

So dear Pakistanis kindly stop bullying Halime, she is just an actor who performed a character and that too amazingly. Next, you would want her to marry Ertugral, Engin Altan Düzyatan, the actor who is already married and have two kids.

Kindly keep your fantasies and obsessions to yourself and stop humiliating the name of Pakistani people in the world. Please think about us, the people who give a ‘DAMN’ to the personal life or even a reel life of someone.

Thank You so much!!

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