8 year Kimaya Massey proves to be a an amazing soloist with Meri Mama

Around six years of age Kimaya Massey ventured into singing. The daughter of Pakistan’s talented saxophonist Lenny Massey always has a genetic relationship with the chords and her soul is enriched with music.

Kimaya represented her school on various occasions but to mention Ubhartay Sitare; a school competition for schools all over Pakistan was her major break-through. Faded by Alan Walker was her first cover, apart from that she had been encouraged to perform solo at various occasions in concerts at school or church for a Christmas Eve.

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This time she came up with a beautiful song on Mother’s Day named ‘Meri Mama’. The song is well sung and well written, it has a melancholic feel to it and shows a special bond of children with mothers.

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It makes you miss your mother if somehow you are apart, even if you are not, after listening to this lovely song you would creep into your mom’s arms, no matter what age are you.

This song is a lovely gift for all kids by Kimaya and a tribute to mothers. Sometimes we are unable to appreciate our mothers or keep our feeling to ourselves but this song will articulate the love we feel for our mothers.

So enjoy this mother’s day with your moms and make them feel special.

Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers.

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