As a marriage dissolves, some parents find themselves asking questions like, “Should we stay together for the kids?” Other parents find divorce is their only option. And while all parents may have many worries on their mind—from the future of their living situation to the uncertainty of the custody arrangement—they may worry most about how the children will deal with the divorce.

“Coming from a divorced family,I always felt shame. I guess I felt like it was my fault. No kid whose parents or parent has abandoned them should feel that. This is a spoken word I wrote for all such kids” tweeted Ali Gul Pir.

When a child’s parents become divorced, it makes them more vulnerable to developing a wide variety of social, behavioral, emotional, and academic problems. For some children, these difficulties are short-lived and within one to two years after the separation, they are able to pull themselves together and move on. For others however, the road to becoming well adjusted is longer and paved with obstacles.

Ali Gul Pir requests all his followers to donate at an orphane, saying “Sorry I Wasnt Enough is written for all the products of broken homes. Kids who have blamed themselves for their divorced parents or for the absence of their parents. Please donate time and money at Sirat-ul-Jannah orphanage and meet these amazing kids at Sirat Ul Jannah via their Facebook

The lyrics of the song are written by Ali Gul Pir himself. He is a Pakistani rapper, television and voice actor and stand-up comedian who achieved popularity with his first single, “Waderai Ka Beta”, a comedy song about today’s political situation in Pakistan.

Sorry I Wasnt Enough is produced and composed by Lenny Massey. Lenny massey is a saxophonist/keyboardist who has been playing music for over 2 decades.

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