Who knew, Peechay Hutt in Coke Studio 14, upon its release will get the attention of the makers of Marvel Studio’s Ms.Marvel.
Garnering about 12Million Plus views on YouTube alone within 3 months of its release, Peechay Hutt has Hassan Raheem, Justin Bibi’s and Talal Qureshi along with 7 more brilliant musicians all headed by the maestro Curator of season 14 Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi himself.
A recent speculation about Peechay Hutt being featured as a soundtrack in Ms.Marvel is making waves amongst Pakistani music enthusiasts.
This comes in after BBC reporter Haroon Rashid tweeted about Ms.Marvel being wonderfully unapologetically brown as it has hinted about SRK’s DDLJ reference and he further added that Peechay Hutt from Coke Studio 14 is the soundtrack for Ms.Marvel
Though there has been no official confirmation or news about this from anyone in Cocacola or Coke Studio Pakistan. We really hope its true and we get to actually see a Pakistani track make its way to the Marvel Studios!
Till then enjoy watching Peechay Hutt

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