Plethora of Apologies in Pakistan this Ramadan
Since Ramadan Karim started this year amidst all the chaos caused by the worldwide pandemic, (which apparently was not enough to bolt us) lot of controversies start emerging around us.
Lets list down few:

* Maulana Tariq Jameel v/s anchors
* Amir Liaquat ridiculing deaths of Irfaan Khan and Sridevi
* Adnan Siddiqui vs Sarfaraz Ahmad
* Noman Ijaz vs Hamayun Saeed

On a serious note!!
* Ghani Tiger’s father; murder case
* Seven year old angel shot dead by her uncle on making noise.

So lets start from the first one, our very respected Maulana Tariq Jameel have been always considered the most peaceful “moulvi” in our region and I totally agree with that. “The Dua” he made sparked outrage among the media personalities and they asked Maulana to apologize from them and this demand started a whole new debate on social media but our dear Maulana apologized from media brigade and it turned out to be a win/win situation for Maulana G.
Maulana G proclaimed our PM to be the only honest leader of a culprit nation, but I just wonder how-come the same ‘Awaam’ was innocent and oppressed in the times of other ruling parties? I have no idea how quickly our nation transformed from sinless to sinful?
Maulana G when apologized from Anchors he said that he was drifted away by his emotions, I totally believe that but I wish when next time Maulana G get drifted his ‘Dua’ would have few words for;
* Concealed slavery; all those child maids who have been brutally treated and few of them even murdered for a slight slackness. (Still waiting for justice)
* Child rapes (girls/boys/transgenders) (justice awaited)
* Domestic violence/ marital rapes
* Harassment/ blackmailing etc
* All those people whose cases are pending and they are rotting in jails. (Unheard)
* All those molesters/culprits who are released from jails on the basis of mental health issues. (usually a gate-away for powerful people)
I wish his or any other “moulvi’s dua” include the “Actual Issues”.

Now lets come to the favorite child of controversy; oops!!! Let me put it right ‘a father whose favorite child is Controversy’, our very own ‘DOC SAAB’, Amir Liaquat who shamelessly ridiculed the deaths of Sridevi and Irfaan Khan and quite conveniently labeled Adnan Siddiqui, a ‘Kaali bili’ for Bollywood actors and after Adnan Siddiqui articulated his sentiments, what happened next was; yup APOLOGY. Our DOC SAAB apologized and our awaam said, ‘it’s ok the one who apologizes is always greater’.

Few days after this apology Adnan Siddiqui thought that his work was not enough to make his name bigger so he went for a twist too, in a game show he made fun of our very dear Sarfaraz Ahmed’s stutter. Now, that’s not fair Adnan Bhai!! Stay tuned guys another apology is on the way.

When Adnan Bhai was grabbing the attention our very dear Noman Ijaz schooled Hamayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui about their grooming. Noman sir turning into modern-day Firdous Jamal Saab (hmmm remember??? Hai NOORI, Hai BOORHI tu bach k dil lagaaaa). Stay tuned because this time Hamayun Saeed Saab replied that Noman Sir would play his father in his next project. So this time Noman Ijaz tagged as ‘Boorhi’ by one whose ‘Jawaani Kabhi Nahi Jaani’ Hamayun Saeed. Let’s see what our media houses will do to Noman Ijaz, will he be banned too? Where is MOMINA BHABI? Is Hamayun a new Mahira? Go, guys!!!! We are waiting.

But on a serious note few acts can never be cured by a mere apology because it costs a life, the acts that can never be reprimanded. Few to mention happened recently;

Ghani Tiger’s (a TikTok performer) father got murdered due to a squabble among some kids. Though I couldn’t find much progress in this case online I wonder how the lesser value we are giving to the life of a human. During this time when we are hiding in our homes to save our lives how can someone be so cruel to kill a person on such a trivial issue. The question is; “should we even allow licensed weapons to the people?” Aren’t they misused? (The case should proceed asap and justice should prevail)
The same happened with an angel in Peshawar, who never knew that her sound would make her uncle so furious that he would shot her dead.

I saw people were commenting that the murderer might have mental health issues, but why do only men in our society have mental health issues in such incidents? On the other hand, when a female has any mental health issue she is being tortured, raped, molested, and not by mentally stable people.

Well, I think we have taken ‘APOLOGY’ for granted and a convenient way to get away with whatever wrong our mouths do, an Apology will not only suffice for our brutal tongues but also make us a bigger person. It doesn’t matter what kind of rift we have created in our society? In how many portions we have divided our people into? How much we have hurt the sentiments of a certain group of people? That’s a major point to ponder

In the end I “Apologise” to the readers, if I poked their sentiments or beliefs, hopefully, it will be accepted.

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