Xulfi teams up with Hollywoods GRAMMY winner Master Engineer Dave Kutch

It is okay to have a bad day and what’s better than peppy beats, sick bass and motivational vocals to fast-forward the frustrations in your life? Khel Ja Dil Se is the kind you would want bookmark in your laptop, or have in your playlist so you can listen to it anytime and point in life when you are looking to uplift your spirits. Whether it’s work or “play” (you know what I mean, lol) put on your headphones, press play and get ready to absorb some positive energy Khel Ja Dil Se has to offer!

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Having said all the above, I need to tell you that appreciating and loving a song is easy. But do you really know how much work goes into creating a perfect sounding track? Do you think just recording a song as its played in one recording studio by all the required instruments and vocalists is what makes your favorite song sound like it does when it reaches your laptop, ipod, iTune or speakers? Nope!!! The truth is that you can simply pop on your seat and do all this one recording studio by yourself without the help of any expert, but the quality of the sound is compromised. So this where the ‘Mastering’ by a Master Engineer comes in.

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Mastering an audio is an extensive process that gives listeners a perfect musical experience as the producer/artist has envisioned his song to be.
Cutting the long mastering an audio story short, let me just break this in a simple way that without audio mastering, we would have far fewer options when it comes to the complexity of our music and much lower quality in recorded products.

With each music that rolls out, Xulfi is known to concentrate, work day in and night out on creating something outstanding to give his listeners and followers an experience of a lifetime. Hence working with Dave Kutch for his first ever EDM Khel Ja Dil Se comes as no surprise at all. Having attended New York Institute of Technology recording program after graduating from high school in 1990, Dave Kutch with his extensive resume and experience (134 projects to his credits) today has become one of the “go to” guys for so many A listers like Beyoncé, Jill Scott, Miley Cyrus, Solange, Chance the Rapper, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Rae Sremmurd, Die Antwoord, The Weekend, Camilla, Former 1D member Liam Payne and Fifth Harmony.

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