Coke Studio dropped Mehram. Mehram is raw and hautingly beautiful. A revelation of emotions, abandonment, and conflicting yet heartfelt conversations.

Coke Studio 14 is curated and produced by Xulfi. The narrative for Mehram is by Asfar Hussain and Xulfi. It is composed by Asfar Hussain & Xulfi and written by Asfar Hussain with additional lyrics by Xulfi. The music is arranged & produced by Abdullah Siddiqui, Xulfi & Arooj Aftab and mixed by Xulfi. 

The music video is conceptulizied and directed by Murtaza Niaz.

Apart from Arooj Aftab and Asfar Hussain on the vocals, other artists in Mehram are:

  1. Haroon Daniel – Drums
  2. Payam Mashrequi – Synth/Linnstrument
  3. Melvin Arthur – Electric Guitar
  4. Asad Haider Khan – Synth Bass
  5. David Joseph – Cello
  6. Rohail Nawab – Acoustic Guitar
  7. Faiz Qazi – Harp
  8. Asad Ali – Piano
  9. Shahzad Ismaily – Guitar & Synth

Watch Mehram below

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