Musicians and music lovers still relish on the memories when the Pakistani music industry had solid fan following not only in the country but abroad as well. Bands and singers toured internationally, and Pakistani music gained recognition worldwide quickly. Alas! these are the relics bygone!

Music has been, and will always be an important tool that shapes and mirrors the soul of a country. The Pakistani music industry even now has so much to offer, with immense amount of talent, both explored an unexplored. If utilized strategically the present situation where the government has officially decided to give air time to Pakistani content only and has banned everything else from across the boarder, is the best opportunity for musicians and singers to seize to showcase their talent. Releases happening online, by new artists and musicians are many. But sadly there seems to be a glitch, a gap that needs to be bridged, as radio and television channels are still somehow short on content and keep shuffling and repeating the same few tracks over and over again.

So, in the spirit of celebrating music and expanding your musical tastes here, let’s discuss #AmanatAli’s song titled #TeraZikr.

Amanat Ali is one of Pakistan’s leading vocalist, actor and a songwriter. With an outstanding performance in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, and Amanat Ali also bags the credit of being one of the pioneer artists of Coke Studio.
With every appearance Amanat Ali makes, he sweeps all those present of their feet hence or ing to be the perfect heartthrob. Amanat manages to hit the right chords of your heart every time.

Late Amjad Sabri Sahab, always spoke highly of Amanat Ali and was often times praising the unique feel and consistency Amanat has to his voice. Amanat Ali so far seems to be the only artist having a jam packed schedule with not only appearances on national and international tours but he has a well planned schedule for releases of his music all year round.

Just when we were barely over his wonderful hummable tunes like “Naina Lagay” & Pardesia”, Amanat Ali is out with another number titled “Tera Zikr”. A soft romantic number, with a hint of sadness, is a must listen to when you are low or you just simply want to unwind.
The video has scenic shots of some of the most beautiful landscapes of the northern areas of Pakistan. The scenic shots, the muffled silence during the winters makes Tera Zikr all the very much perfect video to watch in this chilly season.

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