PMR Reviews: Raqs-E-Dil by Abbas Ali Khan

Raqs-E-Dil is Abbas Ali Khan’s latest for the year 2020.
A lyrical video, Raqs-E-Dil is a trance like music, that when you keep listening on repeat sort of becomes haunting halfway through. The mix of solemn beats to slow burning lyrics really get you thinking

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While sharing the link to his YouTube after releasing Raqs E Dil, Abbas Ali Khan said: “This song may come across as a love song however I wrote it about a personal experience – A moment of self realization, a time when you finally meet your inner self. It’s is a smooth, easy listening track that will make you float.

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Music has long been a doorway to self realization. Making music while in a state of realization is not new. Infact if you are a musician, you can learn to gracefully use the energy of each musical technique to create your perfect masterpiece. Through your experience as an artist expressing yourself begins with knowing yourself. Through this process of self-discovery you will unlock hidden potential within you that will be transmitted through your art infusing it with a great power and presence.

Raqs-E-Dil is Written, Composed, Arranged and Produced by Abbas Ali Khan.

About Abbas Ali Khan: He is Singer, Song Writer, Music Producer and Lyricist from Pakistan. Born on 23rd November 1978 in Islamabad, Abbas Ali Khan is disciple of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan of Patiala Gharana. He made his debut as a musician with “Sun Re Moray Sajna’ over a decade ago, somewhere in the mid 2000’s. He has produced music for TV, and films and made his Coke Studio debut in 2014.

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