Mera Rab Waris Episode 25 Review: Intense & Captivating – Ayesha might be in a Complete Dilemma

7th Sky Entertainment, under the supervision of the industry’s top-notch producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, has always brought progressive and realistic stories on the reel, treating us with back to back hit dramas that we surely can’t miss. Their ongoing prime time drama serial, Mera Rab Waris, airing on Geo Entertainment, has become the talk of town due to its unique storyline and inspiring concept. Starring powerhouse performers Danish Taimoor and Madiha Imam, the drama focuses on a girl who observes pardah (veil) and prioritizes religious values in her daily life style, while being the wife of a man belonging to a very modern and liberal family.
Twenty four episodes down, the drama has been garnering rave reviews and is heavily trending on social media, for the audiences are loving the not-so-ordinary storyline, and the on-screen chemistry of the lead couple. The best part of the play is that the protagonist Ayesha is not portrayed as a typically submissive, weak girl. Instead, she’s shown to be open-minded and educated, and quite smart as well. The play surely challenges and breaks stereotypes with the depiction of Ayesha belonging to a financial status similar to that of her male counterpart, and a woman who doesn’t shy away from falling in love with Haris, despite the conservative society.
The latest episode aired last night and I must admit that the drama is getting more intense and captivating with every passing episode. Nimra (Anamta Qureshi) and Faizi‘s (Mirza Zain Baig) combined Mehendi ceremony is held at their house, thanks to Ayesha’s efforts, but she still has to bear taunts and mocking from her in-laws, for she chooses to observe her veil during the family ceremony as well. Irritated and shattered after all those ill comments and Haris’s undue attention towards Ayla, Ayesha retreats to her room, only to find Ayla’s earring right there! This new discovery makes her suspicious of Haris & Ayla’s relationship for the first time. Adding fuel to the fire, Mazhar (Tipu Sharif) and Durdana (Seemi Pasha) play their cards to antagonize and further break her heart into pieces.
Madiha Imam as Ayesha is acing her role and consistently remains the star of the show. Her acting has been flawless, considering her dialogue delivery and facial expressions. Danish Taimoor, as always has been up to the mark, portraying his role of a man with a weak personality. As for the other actors, Mirza Zain Baig as Faizi has been impeccable throughout as Ayesha’s secret admirer and Anumta Qureshi has also been playing her role well.
All in all, Mera Rab Waris is a great family play with a narrative quite different from our regular plays, except for some typical saas-bahu scenes. We do wonder whether Ayesha will fall prey to Durdana and Mazhar’s conspiracies, or if her trust in Haris is strong enough to save her relationship.
The teaser of the next episode hints at things getting bitter between Ayesha and Haris, and we can’t wait for the next episode, scheduled to air on Thursday, at 9pm, only on Geo Entertainment.

Written for PMR by By Afshan Abbas

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