Rahat Fateh Ali Khan lends his vocals for Subhaan Hay Wo Khaliq OST Seep

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan lends his vocals for Subhaan Hay Wo Khaliq OST Seep.
Seep is a serial by Barkat Sidiki. The drama serial Seep will be on air on TV One soon.

Seep stars, Usman Peerzada, Shahroz Sabazwari, new girl on the block Shaista Abbas, renowned film actress Sana Fakhr, Shamyl Khan, Tara Mehmood, Khalid Zafar, Imran Bukhari, Jinaan Hussain, Saba Khan, Diya Mughal and Faheem Abbas.

Shaista Abbas as Durr e Adan: Playing the lead lady, Durr e Adan is sweet, innocent and very principled. She lives with her strict grandfather and phuphoo in and extremely enclose and restricted enviornment and respects her family tradiations. Durr e Adan, has spark in her, and later as her education begins to transform her, she is shown to be struggling to escape the prision of her grandfathers ego.

Shahroz Sabazwari as Bilal: A good looking young man, Bilal is honest and loyal. He falls in love with Durr e Adan and is willing to do anything for the sake of Durr e Adan’s happiness.
While he is well behaved and respectful, he is also potrayed as a restless, impulsive young man.

Sana Fakhar as Zebun Nisa: She is a woman in her mid thirties. Shown to be diginified and devoted to her family. She is still single and is madly in love with her cousin Nawab Waqas. She was forbidden by her dominating father to marry Nawab Waqas. Her timid and obident nature never allowed her to rebel against her father and quietly accepts her fate as Allah’s will.

Shamyl Khan as Nawab Waqas: He is handsome cultured man in his late thirtoes. Waqas is sober and grounded and is shown to show no resistance to even the wrong decisions made by his elders. He is madly in love with Zebun Nisa and hopes to marry her someday.

Usman Peerzada as Nawab Waqar Ahmed: He is shown as a poor man, who has lost his family yet he remains egoistis and arrogant. He lives with his daughter and granddaughter and rules the house with an iron hand. Due to circumstances a gradual transformation in his character is seen through the episodes that provide and intresting twist in the plot of the drama.

Tara Mehmood as Fakhra:
Elder Sister of Zebun Nisa, Elder dauhter of Waqar Ahmed and the Elder Phuhpoo of Durr e Adan. She lives abraod and comes to Pakistan for her sons marriage.
Fakhra is broad minded and independent and is also pained by the restrictions imposed on her sister and her niece by her father. She stands for them before her father while quietly encouraging both ladies to their own decisions.

Pretty innocent Durr e Adan (Shaistah) lives with her strict, arrogant grandfather Nawab Waqar (Usman Peerzada) and Phuphoo Zebun Nisa (Sana Fakhr) in their ansestorial mansion.
Durr e Adan’s Phuphoo Zebun Nisa is istill single because Nawab Waqar did not allow Zebun Nisa to marry the man she loved, Waqas (Shamayl Khan).
Durr e Adan falls in love with Bilal (Shehroz Sabazwari) and is now facing the same resistance from her stern garndfather.
Although her lively friend Summaya (Janan) is always there for Durr e Adan for support and sympathy, but she is still unable to bring happiness in Durr e Adan’s life.
Their lives all take a new turn when Durr e Adan’s Phuhpoo and Nawab Waqar’s daughter Fakhra arrives to Pakistan.
Fakhra is married and settled abroad. The pillar.s of Nawab Waqar’s haveli are shaken when Fakhra after arriving to Pakistan, starts convincing both her niece Durr e Adan and her sister Zebun Nisa to take matters in their own and make their own decisions about life and love.

Seep is written by Samra Bukhari, produced and directed by Barkat Sidiki, while Shahzad Javed is the director script of the drama.

Song Name: Subhaan hay wo Khaliq
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Lyrics: Imran Raza
Composer: Sahir Ali Bagga

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