Coke Studio producers and makers definitely have a special talent for taking a once awesome song and turning it into an insufferable case of over-singing and unnecessary tamasha.

Coke Studio kicked off by butchering the national anthem, seems to be on a spree of messing up already perfect songs this season. While Coke Studio has proven to be a commercial success – sitting through an episode this season so far is being an exercise in impending audio and visual torture.

Read: Dear Coke Studio, You messed with the Qaumi Tarana

After being completely bashed for brutally murdering the spirit of patriotism by releasing a zombie-fied version of Qaumi Tarana; Coke Studio is under the fire now for completely ruining everyone’s favorite song “Sayonee” — An original by Junnon with Ali Azmat on the lead vocals.

Minus Ali Azmat and Brian, The Coke Studio version of Junoon’s Sayonee along with Salman Ahmed, featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Noor is an abject lesson in how to strip any last smidgen of soul from a song. 

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