Aspiring musician/singer Faisal Shahbaz, hails from Islamabad and currently resides in Washington DC

Born on 13th February, the now 35 year old singer starred off as a band and over time became a solo singer.

With 5 originals to his credits, PMR catches up with Faisal Shahbaz upon the release of his brand new single titled Tera Hua as he answers couple of questions we had lined up for him to hwlp his fans and Pakistani music enthusiasts know him better.

What was the reaction of family and friends upon venturing into music:
My family and friends have been very supportive throughout my career, they are the first ones to provide feedback on my songs and are always waiting for my upcoming songs and music videos.

Kind of music you listen to:
I listen to Classical punjabi mostly by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan saab.

Inspiration for doing music
My biggest inspiration has been my niece (Ayela), she keeps me going when I am down and motivates me to continue working. I really appreciate her passion for music and everything she does and that gives me the energy to keep going and doing better in music.

What was the thought/inspiration behind each song:
My thought process has been different behind each song but I try to make a mix of both sad and party songs. Every song has its own mood and its important to reflect that in the song to be able to touch your audience.

How hard was it to release your debut
Music promotions in pakistan has been a challenge due to lack of resources in Pakistani music industry and also due to the industry majorly dominating companies from other parts of the world. It has been challenging for me as well but if you keep trying things work out and you will find people who will support you on the way.

What are the hardships that a newcomer faces
Lack of music platforms in the Pakistani music industry is the biggest challenge. A newcomer can start with social media but to get on the big screen there are not many platforms that would promote the newcomers.

How do you think covid has effected musicians who want to break into this filed
Covid can be taken as an opportunity to entertain people mainly because there is alot more audience spending time at home and if you reach them with the right content you can surely gain more audience.

What are your plans for the future
I have a new single coming out soon called, ‘1234’ and I will continue working towards my goals as a singer so I can make an impact for our new singers and promote others on the way so we can help each other grow.

Message to your listeners/followers
I am very honored to have the support of my listeners/followers and you guys are the main reason I work harder to bring better and better content.

Every time I get a message/comment from one of my followers, It helps me evaluate myself and see where I stand compared to yesterday. Really appreciate all the love and support I am receiving and hope you guys ‘Keep the love coming, I will do the same with music’.


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