‘Jis ko job hi milta hei, bay sabab nahien milta, mujh se bolay man mera, sab ko sab nahien milta’

No its not about the music and the lyrics… We have an obligation to ourselves as humans to seek out the best and brightest of any pursuit or vocation, and shine a bright light on them in hopes that their achievement will inspire us seek out our true calling and bravely pursue it until it reaches its fulfilling end. When we celebrate the flaws and mediocrity as a society, we celebrate our sins and weaknesses, giving rise to them until they become a priority. And becoming disconnected with our dreams breeds the seeking out of ill things to fill the hole created by the vanquishing of our true callings.

Nahein Milta is about greed and lust. Its not just the lyrics that do so, visually too the video is put together cleverly. The video shows how a person from the moment when he is a harmless soul is lured into wickedness of this lusty world by the evil people that surround him. The innocence of human soul in the video is represented by an animated little sweet girl that is trapped into the lust of the world by a hideous scary clown who charms the girl with a lollypop thus pulling her away from the simplicity of her life and introduces her to other tangibles like the circus, high speed bullet train, sky crappers, merry go around that make her desire for more than what she already has. With a meaning full message, the story lines ends showing heart-broken little girl realizing ‘sab ko sab nahein milta’

Highlighting the wonderful talent the boys posses and with the budding song writing, adeptness with composition, lyrics and music, Nahein Milta is worth a listen and appraisal. Focusing on the broken promises of the material world, Nahein Milta calls upon the unique darkness Bayaan brings in their music. Flawless and tasteful, Bayaan knows all the right notes to play blending harmonies with the effortlessness only good musicians can perfect. Bayaan is fresh raw talent. Brought in to lime light By Xulfi in his Nescafe Basement. Bayaan features
Asfar Hussain on the Vocals,
Shahrukh Aslam and Muqueet Shahzad on Guitars,
Haider Abbas on Bass,
Mansoor Lashari on Drums.
‘Nahein Milta’ is debut single for the Bayaan boys.

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