Boys from Xulfi’s basement got together to form their band and called it Bayaan. Bayaan’s song Teri Tasveer from the debut album Suno has today hit a MILLION views. Consoderinf the fact that Bayaan’s debut album is mostly audio only with no visuals, hitting a million is definitely huge. This is a clear proove that good music does not need pretty glammed uf doll faces, Lamborghini’s or overseas’s tourist destination to make an impact.

Bayaan is Asfar Hussain (Vocals), Shahrukh Aslam & Muqueet Shahzad (Guitars), Haider Abbas (Bass) and Mansoor Lashari (Drums).

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With 2 instrumentals and 7 amazing tracks, Bayaan’s debut album Suno makes you tap your feet, makes you want to fall in love, calms your anxiety, makes you rethink life, gives hope to the hopelessness in you. Listen to each song carefully and you will be able to relate to the music and who knows perhaps might even use it to address your physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs.
Track 1- Azhik 0:00 (Instrumental)
Track 2- Bekhabar 1:30
Track 3- Mera Musafir 6:25
Track 4- Jaag 11:15 (Instrumental)
Track 5- Tifl 13:16
Track 6- Teri Tasveer 19:10
Track 7- Daira 24:03
Track 8- Paani Aur Mitti 26:17
Track 9- Suno 32:13

Teri Tasveer is a beaautiful song that you need to listen to when there are days when you just do not know what to do because the person that you have decided to give your heart to has abandoned you. Teri Tasveer is for the loved one you lost. Not necessarily your better half, it is for the ones who have lost their parent(s), best friend, brother, sister or mentor.

Watch Teri Tasveer by Bayaan

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