Artist: Billy-X feat. Ali Tabish (Cold Bullet)
Song: One More Time

Rap & Lyrics: Billy-X
Urdu Vocals & Lyrics : Ali Tabish (Cold Bullet)
Mixed & Mastered : Fahad Humayun Chohan (Cold Bullet)
Beat by : Omer Farooq

Manager : Danish Imtiaz ( 0333-3554949 )

A very special thanks to PMR for the media coverage!

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  1. Hey guys !!! Welldone yar.. its awesome to have this release…… damn good song…….awesome work, keep working fast, we cant stop listen you guys…..

    Best of luck…..

    And specially Babar bro, jigar, you’re rocking yar…… meet sometime ….

  2. Simply want to say to Billy X … Man you are THE BEST at what you do … Keep Rocking \m/

    Simply blown away with another Billy X Brilliance =)

  3. o boi o boi o boi
    nice raPPing…. with vocaLs….. beat is alaaaaaaaa tOOOOOOOOO

    yar koi jangO beat CAR song b bnao… wOOfer k liye mere =(

    as far as this is cncernd

    ALAAA BOIZEZZZ … teryy guddie dud

  4. Well i would honestly like to comment on this one.
    JUTTNI was something nice.Something which the Pakistani Public Admires.And the recording the Vocals the beat and everything was Synched

    But this one is just a little to Boring.I mean i understand that every track shouldn’t be and couldn’t be a Club Banger or Crunk Kind of

    But still the recording and all was not up to the mark in this one.Becuase Billy’s Vocals sounded a bit Supressed or under some kind of Vocal Filter/Effect

    Its a good attempt.


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