Band: Janam
Song: Maula

Janam the Band
Janam is a new era of Pakistani music. The name Janam itself means birth or a new beginning which reflects their unique style of music. The band was created in 2001 and it consists of 3 band members: Azeem Siddiqui (lyricist, composer, rhythms guitarist), Waqas Sarwar (lead vocalist) and Sahil Mirza (rhythms guitarist).
Janam was made purely to touch hearts around the world through its lyrics and compositions. Recently, Janam has released their debut video, Maula. They are now working towards completing their first album.Lastly, Janam band members personally thank all of their fans for their support, love and wishes. Specially  Janam the band would like thank to their Parents, families ,freinds and some special people who never stopped supporting us no matter what the situation is. Thank you very much and keep supporting us .

Band Profile:

Azeem Siddqui: the mind of Janam. the lyricist,composer and the lead guitarist , truely is the creative head of Janam the band.,He is the soul of Janam, with his heart touching melodies and amazing lyrics writing can surelly take Janam to the new high’s in near future.

Waqas Sarwar: the voice of Janam, waqas represents the voice of Janam everywhere. He truelly is the heart of Janam band, he soulfull voice is the most importent asset of Janam band because no doubt without waqas, Janam can never succeed

Sahil: the feel of Janam, sahil with his creative guitaring and with his soulfull rythems become a very importent part of Janam. He along with azeem and waqas make Janam a mixture of depth, feel and amazing sound.

For concerts and details contact:
Band Manager : Moshin Ali Leghari (0333-3344724)

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  1. excellent song, cant believe i didnt get to hear this song earlier whn it 1st came…bt glad to hear it now..n lovin it

  2. Excellent work with lyrics….. and music…. I would say vocal work needed a bit ….overall…. Good Work Guys…. Keep It Up!


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