The amount of hate Tayyar Hain the official anthem for PSL 2020 has received is something that is hard to understand. You dislike something. You criticize something. But having a well planned and strategizised campaign and pitching one musician against the other is unprofessional.

Talent acquisition for PSL 2020 Anthem was crucial and well sought. Xulfi brought the best of 3 generations together for ‘Tayyar Hain’. While we hear Arif Lohar Sahab, Ali Azmat, Haroon Rashid, Asim Azhar on the vocals, there is exciting talent on instruments and percussions like Bilawal Lahooti and Veeru.


Sports fans are rowdy and energetic on their own, and it is without a doubt that catchy anthems can increase participation. The drums in Tayyar Hain get the blood flowing and the hypnotic beats cause the head to move back and forth.
While the team routinely feeds off the crowd’s excitement; listening to Tayyar Hain in the stadiums after over the speakers before and after the game itself will be exciting. Tayyar Hain is not just a well thought melody from the spectators point of view; athletes always deal with getting knocked down and getting up again, Tayyar hain is lyrically the best one so far to excite the player on the ground and in changing room too.
Jub dharkain dil sub saath saath
Tau jeet ho chahay maat maat
Kabhi din dhalay kabhi raat raat
Na rung wung na zaat paat
Aur khel aagaya darmayaan
Tau sub baaton kee ek baat
Tayyar ho?
Sharing his sentiments on working alongside veteran musician Arif Lohar Sahab, Xulfi said: There is no one like him in the world. Honored to be in the same frame with Arif Lohar. Honored to have him sing these iconic lines that represent exactly what sentiment “cricket” is. It is more than the festival that happens inside the stadium and more than the game. Cricket is the spirit that makes us one as a nation, irrespective of cast, creed and religion. It’s bigger than how we perceive it to be. I speak like a true fan of Pakistan and cricket and I created this anthem that represents my love for the game that’s played in our hearts and not just in the stadium. Thank you giving it the love you have.”

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Tayyar Hain is written by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi). Minus the intro and outro, the duration of the anthem is about 4 minutes and 44 seconds. The performance video is directed by Kamal Khan and stars cricketers Babar Azam, Hasan Ali, Rumman Raees, Sarfraz Ahmed, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Shan Masood

P.S: I REPEAT: The amount of hate Tayyar Hain is given is not fair. The only time I have witnessed such twitter backlash for a commercial/entertainment related project is when it is backed a particular agency/artist for the sake ranting about their clients previous project. This is also done when an a particular artist is so full of himself/herself to accept the reality that someone else with a fresh perspective has been taken on board by the company he/she previously did something for.

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