Both Shaan and Humayun Saeed have stated in recent interviews that they passed up on the role. And it eventually landed in the lap of Indian actor Pradeep Rawat who played Ghajini Dharmatma after both our own icons shot the role down.

But just imagine Shaan as Ghajini. He would probably wield a gandasa and go running in the streets after Aamir’s eight-pack amnesiac. And he would’ve done an impeccable job. Make no mistake; Shaan can play villainous with panache.

Plus beating the beautiful Asin’s (the lead female actress in Ghajini) head to pulp by Shaan would have made for an unforgettable cinematic moment… even if it was gory and bloody.
And if Humayun had taken on the villainous role, he probably would’ve preferred to wear suits as opposed to the pan-spitting, volatile original Ghajini man. But when it comes to acting, Humayun has shows enough grey shades to pull off such a role. His success in Jashnn is one sign. But passing on an Aamir Khan production… what a pity!
Now we’ll never know.

Source : Instep Magazine

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  1. well i think both of them did the right thing by saying no to these roles why should pakistani actor end up playing either negative or side roles in indian movies they are equally talented .shan is an awsome actor and Kduda kay liye is a proof .silmilarly humayun is an brillant actor any top rated actors for pk will oushine indain actor ang given day.

  2. Please always note, read and write about the above opinion, that indian actors became superstar because of huge investment by film producersi.e. in these days 50 Crore etc. and film making latest technologies involved, super camras, other accessories, beautiful location sets. The hero like Amir Khan earn every film 20 Crore and percentage 40% or 50 % from Film profit. These comfortable and wealthy things make a man already an hero and in my opinion Indian actors are lukiest man they have a great platform, otherwise they are nothing.

    Now in Pakistan film industry, there equipment, film making style, investment etc etc is totally different compare to Indian and they have less less quality of work. But the manpower Pakistani hero like Shaan is an great legend hero he play in circumstances, like low investment, low quality set, low paid fee, etc etc, and he is better number of time then amir khan, and in my opinion that he can play in Gajini film amir khan role.




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