Neha Kakkar needs no lengthy introduction. Hit numbers like “Manali Trance” , “Aao Raja” , “Sunny Sunny” and “London Thamukda” are playing on every stereo worldwide; depicting the amazing talent by Miss Kakkar. Her powerful voice deserves to echo till the end of times. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she does justice to every genre she has to sing for.

Isn’t it a big deal that she praises our Superstars Saad & Hadi?! Surely it is. Her appreciation just increases the pride we have for this proficient and ingenious duo.

Way to go, Boys! Your work already speaks for itself !

The deep vocals by Saad in Teri Yaad take your breath away and make you hum along. Composition by both of these young men have taken this song on a whole other level. Another collaboration by Saad & Hadi and Neha Kakkar is due to release in mid summers. Saad & Hadi have given us many tunes to cherish.

Excited already? We surely are. We all knew that these artists have so much to offer. Who knows what other melodies they have in stock?!

Witness for yourself the excitement and appreciation by Neha Kakkar and her accomplished brother Tony Kakkar in the link given below.

Watch Exclusive message by NEHA KAKKAR here:

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