While the film was eventually made with Shaan and Fawad Khan in the lead roles, director Shoaib Mansoor originally planned for it to be made with Vital Signs singer Junaid Jamshed (playing Shaan’s role) and Ali Zafar (playing Fawad’s role). It would have been quite a dynamic combination, had Junaid not renounced entertainment and Ali Zafar not having gotten scared off by the plot. Ali Zafar’s already shown quite a dark side in his videos for ‘Aag’ and ‘Ek Pal’ and we imagine he’d have been quite suitable for the character of a man who gets brainwashed into fighting in Afghanistan and abducting a girl and forcibly marrying her. The icing on the cake would be that we’d all be spared from the war of words that Shaan and Iman Ali got into at the last Lux Style Awards! But then again, perhaps Iman Ali would have rubbed Junaid Jamshed the wrong way too… no… Junaid wouldn’t have acted up. He was and remains a gentleman, tableeghi beard notwithstanding.

Source : Instep Magazine

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