Artist: The Feedback
Song: Mera Pyaar (Amir Zaki Cover)

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  1. yeah man a hard aggressive trach dat shud b sung lyk dis……
    Thumbs Up!!!!! amir Zaki Rulzzz n u ppl requires regular FEEDBACK 4 these kinda tracks…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. zeeeeeeeeee u sung lushshshsh. m w8ing 4 ur next wondeful tracks keep it upppppppppppppppp may ALLAH give u al the happiness of life n cloud touching future

  3. solo sucks..
    too mch aggression ..
    vocals at sme places overshadowed..
    drum sound is reallly horrible
    overall average *!

  4. i have never seeen so much pathetic loosers in my whole life and surprisingly all together.. the vocals are progressive as my music trioligy leads me into.. all the people who have left comments like their filthy asses .. WAT U KNW ABT MUSIC??
    u creeepy atif and falak listeners u knw no shit… the whole sound is godd vocals r as they r required very well sung song.. though drums r lil loud .. still can cop wid dat .. the over all sound is big and hard.. luv it boy … and trust me dese cunt lickers can do a shiit abt it.. thumbs up Feedback..

  5. and @ all the haters get a life.. if u can only do shit dnt point at oders gud or bad atleast they r trying.. not lyk u sittin back watching filthy porn and on ur 800 rs multimedia speakers listening to music and leaving comments… Grow up and get a life… luk for a way in ur life .. and i u cnt dir in an open area my be worth as fertilizer for the growth….

  6. and if u cant do ny thing den **die** in an open area my be worth as fertilizer for the growthโ€ฆ.
    high scool rejected socialyy offended. maternal insulted and God cursed a shit less important den a bed wasting dead body …. i dnt have ne personal ofennses wid u or luv for Feedback but ur comments mademe remind of the people whom hitler used to kill.. cuz day were waste..
    ๐Ÿ˜› lol hahahahhahahahaa

  7. oh yeah mannnn….. totally agree with ur sixth sense mate!!!!
    i dnt knw y ppl dnt support da gud wrk on dis pmr thng nd they mostly appreciate da muzik made by their frndz regardless of da fact dt da particular sng wud hav no freakin sense….. i hav a lot many xamplez 4 dt… :(!!!!

  8. # moby khan on January 27th, 2009 at 2:27 pm:

    lams suckzzz lolz he like atif lolx anyways i like song vocal good sound good nice song tc

    thnx dude.. :-).

  9. man! great music, liked vocals. keep doing the good work. we’re with u.
    @ sixthsense
    i agree with u. how would atif n rog lovas know about such music. let them listen to what they want cuz they wont praise such music. ( not faraz anwar not amir zaki, gohar is the best guitarist )
    hey feedback lovd ur music


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