Here comes yet another bombastic video by Farhan Saeed. Released on APRIL 9,2016 at 3pm this video is directed by Humza Yousaf and Associate Director is Urwa Hocane. Farhan has proven it multiple times before as well that he is not a pro in singing only but can act really well too. This video is yet another milestone in his acting career. He displays amazing acting skills through out the video.This star-studded video has cast other big names around the industry as well. Iman Ali in all her grace and beauty, Sajid Hassan with his exceptional acting skills & Munib Nawaz doing extreme justice to the role in his exquisite style can be seen in this video.
The video starts and the viewers can see Iman Ali sitting lost in deep thoughts. She goes towards Farhan Saeed and is obviously failing at pretending to adjust in the world around her. Her expressions are those of someone who doesn’t approve the ways of people around her. Characters played by Sajid Hassan, Farhan Saeed & Munib Nawaz are seen engaging in activities like gambling, killings and all the ugly taboos that surround the society. The video is based on this main girl, portrayed beautifully and accurately by Iman Ali, whose tragic past is shown in the flashback. Her parents were brutally murdered in front of her. Her conscience persuades her to take an action against the criminal activities of these three men. They seem to have no conscience and kill whoever they want to.

Grand & royal set, magnificent & picturesque wardrobe by Munib Nawaz & Adnan Pardesi, high & dynamic graphics and excellent cinematography makes the video of this song so professional. Hats off to the stylist, makeup artist, story boarding and other team members for making such an excellent video.

The audio is as usual very heart-touching. Farhan has clearly improvised the music of this new track that is not his usual style but as always, he has rocked it. Ali Mustafa has done a great job by composing such an impressive music and Farhan‘s soulful vocals carry us to the world shown in the video. The deep and meaningful lyrics give the listeners an insight into the song. The intro of the song is quite atmospheric and capture our imagination from the very start. This song has a commercial potential as its an improvisation by a very competent artist of our country.
Clearly, this song will see success as the video and audio is very impressive.
Congratulations to Farhan Saeed and the team for improvising.
People already love the improvisation!
Way to go!

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