With 9 upbeat tracks,Uzair Jaswal’s album Love Struck is for hopeless romantics.

All the 9 tracks in the album are written and conposed by Uzair Jaswal himself, while the music for the album is produced by Ahsan Parvez Mehdi.

The vibrant album art for Uzair Jaswal’s Love Struck is by Tulin K.

Released on 24th December 2021, Love Struck has 9 tracks that are:

1) Love Is Magic – This song has the power to instantly personalize a moment and romanticize a gesture. This is definitely the song to let someone know how you feel without actually having say to something

2) Do It All For You – Channel your inner prince, bend on one knew and pop the question with Do It All For You.

3) Do Hazaar Bees – 2020 was indeed a difficult to fall in love and for all those who had to maintain their relationship long distance. This is a lovely tune, that pulls on the heart strings of those separated from their loved ones during this global pandemic.

4) Intezaar – Waiting for someone to comeback or return is the hardest. When you want someone back, and can’t shake the feeling, this is the song to put on to.

5) Aching Heart – This is for the broken hearts, specially when your playlist is more happy, upbeat pop mixed with a little hip-hop and sprinkling of rock-n-roll.
6) Janeman –

7) Just A Dream – This for the times, when you are waiting for your dreams to come true.

8) Teray Jeya Koi Nahi – The title is pretty self explanatory. This is the perfect dedication to let the other person, how there is no one like them in this universe.

9) Kahin Tou Ho Ga –
While announcing his album, Uzair Jaswal took to his socialmedia and said: “From the first encounter and butterflies. To promises deep, beneath the sunrise. To silent revelations of love and hate. To holding on despite the break. To survive the fall. To Keep the faith. Lovestruck is worth its every wait.”

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