Another set of melodious songs by versatility-talented singer Tahir Abbas is on the way to amuse the song lover with a modern Sufi touch this time.

Like revolution in every field of life, the music industry has also faced such a transition, and the modern music industry and especially young artists are focusing more on raps and fast songs to get overnight fame and are ignoring the real purpose of music which is not to get fame or money but to make such music that will prove itself as food for the soul, in such a situation, there is a significant threat to the classical and Sufi heritage of the Pakistani music industry. In this whole scenario, some singers like Tahir Abbas through their songs are playing their role to keep this endangered heritage alive by making such music which connects with one’s soul and gives true essence of lyrics to listeners and this album “Ramz” is also part of this effort by Tahir Abbas and his team.

Just like the name  “Ramz” ( Mystery, secret), this album also has some surprises for its listeners.

Comprising of the set of three Modern Sufi vibe songs “Ranjhna ve”, ” Zindagi Mubarak” and ” Mann meriyan” this mellifluous album has got its lyrics and composition by Tahir Abbas and Ali Sajid. Kamran Akhtar has given music to this whole album with Baqir Abbas at flute and Imran Akhtar behind the keys. The coordination and hard work of this whole team will add more value to this album and make it another hit like previous ones by Tahir Khan and this expected super hit album will be released in 2022.

Singer, the lyricist, and composer Tahir Abbas started his career from scratch, got fame in both India and Pakistan with his super hit cover song ” Awein rusya na kar” which remained trending in the whole subcontinent and made a name for himself as an emerging talent. Having a special affection for Punjabi Folk music and his exceptional work for it has made it alive again not only in Punjab but in the whole subcontinent.

The special characteristic of this album that makes it notably unique is that it will be the first solo performance by Tahir Abbas before this all songs were duets and listeners were noting a considerable amount of compromise on the use of vocal cords of Tahir Abbas but this time listeners are gonna witness the real strength of his voice. These songs will surely be food for the souls of listeners.

Expectations of fans are high because of previous back-to-back hits by Tahir Abbas and the change from fun funk to Sufi classical and from duet to solo performance has raised the curiosity among his fans.

Talents like Tahir Abbas deserves appreciation and should be promoted because of their dedication to supporting Punjabi folk music and introducing different types of Punjabi folk music to the world. The variation of different genres initially sad, then funky folk and now a mixture of classical Sufi music in Urdu and Punjabi is the unique thing about Tahir Abbas. Fans are eagerly waiting for “Ramz”.

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