PMR Reviews: Raasta by Karakoram

If you feel like you are lost then Karakoram’s latest release for 2020 ‘Raasta’ is for you.
When you are struggling with life, music is the cure you’re looking for. Raasta is all about being alone, but having enough strength to continue living your life. There’s nothing but absolute brutal honesty in the lyrics right from the beginning when you hear Sherry Khattak say: “Chaltay hi chaltay aasman tootay … Weeranion mei galian goonjain”
“Dhoondun kya? Mei dhoondun kya? Kho raha.. Kyun kho raha?”

Many of us don’t know what our place in the world is, but we dont not stop until we figure it out… Sure, you will make mistakes, but that is all part of the journey. Raasta also reminds you that there is no need to freak out about finding a place in this world.
“Kahan hai teri daastan? Tu bhoolay
Socho mei na thi ye khalla.. Dhoonday tu kya?
Dhoondunga jo na mila … Raasta Jeenay ka”

Despite the fact that Raasta by Karakoram is directorial debut for singer Bilal Haider, one will admit that the music video is well shot. The mix of sharp and blurr shots with sharp yellow/warm light blinding at times reflects the mood of the song.
Incase you are new to Karakoram’s music, the credits below will help you know who does what in the band.
Vocals/Guitars – Sherry Khattak
Guitars – Zain Peerzada
Bass – Omair Farooq
Drums – Bilawal Lahooti

P.s: The world can be a stark and lonely place. All we really need is air to breathe, a place to rest our heads. You can’t expect to find your life’s calling as soon as you start looking for it. You just need to “live right now and be yourself,” and eventually everything will fall into place.

Hope you find your Raasta soon.

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