Woman named Sofi who was the first one to come out in support of Meesha Shafi when Ali Zafar was accused of harassment tweets a public apology. Tagging Ali Zafar on twitter Sofi aka @seraphina444 tweeted: “@AliZafarsays I am sorry that a lie I was told & believed hastily (because liar was very young) though deleted is still being used to bash you & cause you pain. I should have clarified much sooner but I was afraid of the trolls & online stalking & abuse. I hope this can atone for it.”

Directing her tweets at Meesha Shafi, Sofi added: Its cute (not) that people who wanted me to testify for them just a week ago, now say I am fake; it just shows that truth & fighting harassment were never really the goal. I have to say I am incredibly disappointed though I shouldn’t have been!

If you are a true feminist that you should never push a woman to give a false testimony or intimidate her if she backtracks her testimony; I was real when my words supported her; I was asked to testify but now I am not! And there you can see how “feminist” everyone here is. If ethics & decency have been abandoned then sure lets play this game; It just exposes you more. I apologized for something I didn’t have faith in, I have nothing to be ashamed of.”

19 April 2018, 7:10 pm, It’s been precisely 3 hours and 15 minutes since Meesha Shafi went public with sexual harassment claims against her longtime friend, colleague, and one of Pakistan’s biggest pop star Ali Zafar. It has also been precisely been 3 minutes since Ali Zafar has denied all accusations made against him by Meesha Shafi.

19 April 2018, 7:10 pm, is the time when Sofi became the first woman to support Meesha Shafi’s harassment claims against Ali Zafar,
Tweeting from the username @seraphina444 on twitter, Sofi said: “This guy (Ali Zafar) came to States (USA) at a fund raiser I was organizing by APNA, we sent a girl to liaison with him from airport etc and she said the entire day he touched her back, tried to move too close to her, stared at her, she was exasperated; he is a habitual lecher.”


PMR rounds up Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi Case

Sofi this Monday (22nd September 2019) took to twitter once again, but this time it was to apologize to Ali Zafar. Sofi started by posting the screenshot of the tweet she made last year, saying that “Last year, I tweeted when a young lady confided her harassment experience with Ali Zafar; I deleted it in a day when certain information was brought to my knowledge which contradicted her description of the incident to me.”
Sofi shared the screenshot of her last years tweet because Sofi deleted that particular tweet after the official representative of the fundraised confronted her allegations and after being properly checked the original victim refused to come forward and peruse the claims.

“I have simply retracted a statement which I am not a witness of & could not verify upon research: Facts are important. This trolling/ abuse was the reason I was hesitant to correct my earlier mistake. People make mistakes, please be less judgmental! Also I am not tweeting under any coercion or legal threats, people can do their homework & check against whom the FIA cases are. I am tweeting and (I should have done much earlier) because my original tweet is still being used so a retraction was morally the right thing to do. Sofi further tweeted: “I am a victim of harassment & a MeToo supporter & inclined to believe a woman’s account but sometimes our faith in people is misplaced. I regret the pain my naïveté & lack of impartial judgement has caused Mr Zafar & I hope this can make amends!”

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