Pepsi BOB is back with the second episode of #PepsiBattleoftheBands Season 4 and the competition is tougher than ever! So much talent but the judges have to make some tough decisions. Who do you think will make it? Watch the second episode to find out!

Band Details:
Ahmed Zawar on the Vocals
Anwaar Ahmed on the Lead Guitar
Qamber Kazmi on the Drums
Asher Minhas on the Keyboard
Rajil Anthony on the Bass Guitar

Bilal Rubbani on the Vocals and the Rhythm Guitar
Irfan Ali on the Bass Guitar
Hassan Moiz on the Lead Guitar
Mustafa Mir on the Drums

Wajid Ali on the Vocals
Anosh Peter on the Bass Guitar
Shahan Tariq on the Lead Guitar
Affan Qureshi on the Rhythms Guitar and the Back Vocals
Ashban Peter on the Drums

Black Hour:
Tayyab Rehman on the Vocals
Salman Afzal on the Bass Guitar
Hashim Mahmood on the Guitar
Diam Mahmood on the Drums

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