Taare – A Song For TCF By Various Artists

‘Taare’ the song produced by Dream Station Productions brings together 31 Pakistani artists through its ‘Music for a Cause’ campaign, to raise awareness about TCF. An organisation dedicated to educate the under privileged children in Pakistan. There are currently almost 23 million children out of schools in Pakistan, which constitutes almost 44 percent of the child population. Your donations to TCF can help the poor children to go to school.

Composed, Arranged & Produced by – Kashan Admani

Asst. music producer : Alex Shahbaz

Featuring Artists Abbas Ali Khan

Afsheen Hayat (Kaya)

Ahsan Bari (Sounds of Kolachi)

Alfred D’mello (Mizmaar)

Alex Shahbaz – Keyboards

Ali Khan

Alycia Dias

Asad Ahmed – Guitars

Asad Rasheed (Mizmaar)

Babar Shaikh (Chand Tara Orchestra)

Bilal Ali (Kashmir)

Emad Rahman (Kaya)

Fahad Ahmed

Farooq Ahmed (Aaroh)

Hira Mani

Kashan Admani (Mizmaar)

Natasha Baig

Nazia Zuberi

Omran Shafique (Chand Tara Orchestra)

Rafay Israr

Quaid Ahmed (Sounds of Kolachi)

Rehan Nazim (Mirage)

Saad Hayat (Mirage)

Saif Abbas Rizwan (Sounds of Kolachi)

Shane (Kashmir)

Shan Rajput (Sounds of Kolachi)

Sherry Raza (Chand Tara Orchestra)

Umar Naru

Usman Riaz

Vais Khan (Kashmir)

Waqas Hussain


Zhalay Sarhadi

lyrics : Kashan Admani / S.K Kalish

DOP : Yasir Khan

Production Manager : Ghulam Murtaza Channa

Video production services : Cinematech

Camera Assistants : Anas Siddiqui , Saleem Rajput

Directed by – Kashan Admani

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