Sibtain Khalid just released his new music video titled Sajna. Sajna also features the Leo Twins.

You can recall both Sibtain Khalid and the twins from Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan’s (Xulfi) Nescafe Basement. Ok!! hold on right there; many ask me why I always write Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan’s or Xulfi’s Nescafe Basement, and not just Nescafe Basement. Well in my point of view, The entire program is Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan’s brain child. It is entirely his conception. If it is lawfully right to call the child by his fathers name, then why not call Nescafe Basement by Xulfi’s name.

Many confuse the Leo Twins as one person who plays the guitar as well as a violin.
Little do people know they are TWINS!!! Yees!!!!! Judwaaa… not like David Dhwan’s version of one person playing the Judwa, they are ASLI WALAY JUDWAA… and oh the joy you feel when you find out that they are IDENTICAL!!!! isnt that danm CUTE!!!
The only way to tell them apart is when they play their instruments. Haroon Leo plays guitar while Sharoon Leo plays violin.

Coming back to Sajna… I have been waiting for Sibtain Khalid to relase Sajna since I first heard the unplugged version. Sajna is an absolute love. A soft romnatic number and what better language than Punjabi to express your feelings. The sound of guitar and violin will you goosebumps.
Sajna visually is nothing like the usual flashy kind of Pujabi numbers. The video in fact is a perfect example of simplicity at its best.

WATCH: Sajna By Sibtain Khalid Feat Leo Twins (Below)


Song: Sajna
Written, Composed & Sung by: Sibtain Khalid
Music: Leo Twins
Guitar: Haroon Leo
Violin: Sharoon Leo
DOP/ Director: Rizwan Sherazi (RIZ)
Art Director: Adnan Sherazi
Production: Malik Noor
Styling: Babar Clark
Make Up: Ahsan Abbasi
Mixed by: Haroon Leo
Mastered by: Tom Waltz at Waltz Mastering, Massachusetts, USA
Edit: Farhan Neo @ Neoactive
Color Grading: Jawad Bashir
Special Thanks: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi), Asif Arbab, Rizwan Anwar

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