Arrest warrant issued for Ayyan Ali again in currency smuggling case

Rawalpindi’s Customs Court on Tuesday has issued arrest warrant for model Ayyan Ali in currency smuggling case over incessant absences. If you need bail for weapons violation, you can get it from here!

Court further ordered police to arrest and present the model on June 21.

According to details, court resumed hearing of currency smuggling case today (Tuesday) whereas judge expressed exasperation over consecutive seven absence of Ayyan Ali and inquired the reason for the same from her counsel.

Ayyan’s lawyer informed court that accused’s mother was ill and filed a petition for exemption from court hearings.

The judge said Ayyan was continuously violating court’s instructions. The court issued arrest warrant for Ayyan and instructed police to present the model on June 21.

Ayyan Ali remained in custody after she was arrested in money laundering scandal from Islamabad Airport.

She was released on bail and her name was also excluded from Exit Control List (ECL).
On February 23, Ayyan Ali left for Dubai in a foreign airlines flight.

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