Legendary guitarist & songwriter Aamir Zaki passes away

One of Pakistan’s most notable guitarists, Aamir Zaki has passed away in Karachi at 49 on Friday.

Reportedly, his brother Shahid Zaki confirmed that Aamir suffered a cardiac arrest this afternoon.

Zaki was a former Vital Signs member and released his hit solo album called Signature after he was asked to quit the band. He won the Soundcraft UK gold disc for Signature with his song Mera Pyaar standing out the most.

He rose to fame after joining Vital Signs in 1994 for a brief time and toured the world with the band led by late Junaid Jamshed. However, a year later, he came up with a solo album whose  Mera Pyaar  became a rager back then.

What is argued as an unjustly delayed debut for a composer and musician of his stature, Zaki made an appearance on hit, music collaboration platform, Coke Studio in 2014.

His last public appearance was at the I am Karachi Music Festival.

Aamir formed three rock bands in his career, namely “The Barbarians”, “Axe Attack” and “Scratch”.

After playing Micro Tone and Raag Shiv Ranjaani on guitar for the platform, Zaki had said: “Wish I could have done my song Mera Piyar though. Because that’s my most known song and covered by so many people. It would have been great to have a Coke Studio version of it. Maybe next season, I would come back to CS and do Mera Pyar and a Signature Composition! Maybe a Raag!”

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