Ayyan Ali Ordered To Be Release On Bail
Supermodel Ayyan Ali’s appeal to be discharged on safeguard has at long last been acknowledged by the Lahore High Court today. You can know more here about the case.

In the wake of dismissing two past safeguard demands, Lahore High Court (LHC) has acknowledged Ayyan’s application and has requested her discharge on safeguard.

Ayyan was captured four months prior, on fourteenth March, at the Benazir International Airport for conveying USD 500,000 with her at a flight. Charged for cash sneaking, Ayyan has been kept at the Adiala imprison in Rawalpindi from that point forward, standing out as truly newsworthy for her VIP demeanor in jail.

Ayyan had looked for safeguard already asserting that she had no expectation of flying with the said measure of cash however indeed was sitting tight for her sibling to land from another Emirates flight to hand it over to him.

The LHC rejected this specific supplication on the premise that a past safeguard solicitation had as of now been rejected. Ayyan’s legal counselor Khurram Latif Khosa contended against LHC’s choice by asserting that while the past supplication was against a traditions court, the most recent safeguard request was coordinated towards LHC specifically.

Considering his position, the LHC sanction of Ayyan’s safeguard appeal to and requested a quick arrival of the supermodel, suspending the legal remand.

In a nation where wrongdoing rates are high as can be and offenders more often than not go sans scot, Ayyan utilized points of reference as a reason to permit herself safeguard.

She asserted that numerous others blameworthy of the same charges have had conveyed bigger measures of remote monetary forms yet had dependably been discharged on safeguard inside of weeks. For her situation however, the courts were oppressing her and have been holding her on remand throughout recent months.

Amid these four months, Ayyan Ali was tied with various representatives and legislators for fake exercises yet no different captures or charges had been made in this way.

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