Red Bull presents Ali Azmat versus Umair Jaswal on Stage

Ali Azmat leaked video and Umair Jaswal response to it started a debate on social media with negative and positive comments. Audience was expecting a brand campaign soon and PMR started off a debate on official fanpage – Who is supporting Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal. Red Bull official fanpage shared the picture of Ali Azmat & Umair Jaswal with caption on it “Lets settle this on stage. ‪#‎AliAzmat‬ ‪#‎UmairJaswal‬

Red Bull taking off this video battle pre-hype stunt to another level – We (PMR) are asking you again. Ali Azmat verus Umair Jaswal – Who you are supporting? 😀 #AliAzmatvsUmairJaswal

Still confused? Meanwhile you can watch the video Battle Here – Click Here To Watch

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