“Abbas Ali Khan latest video of the single “Aey ri sakhi” from his album  “Tamaam Alam Mast” released

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(Lahore – 8th February 2016 )  Abbas Ali Khan’s video of his  latest single “Aey ri sakhi” from his album  “Tamaam Alam Mast” (Entire Universe in Ecstasy). was released online.  An ode to our traditional music with verses by Hazrat Ameer Khusro and classical compositions; it is dedicated to the era when music and poetry fused together into a masterpiece. The song features Faraz Anwars on guitars and Mubashir Sheikh on base. The single features Amna Nawaz who dances to the classical melody with fluidity and effortless grace. .

Abbas Ali Khan began his musical journey with his debut album “Sun Re” in 2006. which earned him the admiration of both the audience and the critics. That was almost a decade ago and over the years Abbas has grown to admire the reclusive, ambient and richly Sufi themed tunes that you hear on his latest album, Tamaam Alam Mast (Entire Universe in Ecstasy). This album is the culmination of years of persistence,musical experimentation and self-work on his style of music.

As a disciple of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Abbas draws his musical lineage from the Patiala Gharana; with a command on numerous eastern raagas, he leans on when composing his music. Spiritual Poetry is the bedrock of Abbas’s music yet he reaches out to mainstream genres and weaves a rich fusion that sounds soothing, enchanting yet soul stirring.

Over the years Abbas has won numerous awards for his melodies and music videos while also earning critical acclaim for his unique sound. Abbas has a soulful voice and a distinct timbre which shines whether fused with the rich musical tapestry of a seventy piece orchestra, dreamy synthy soundscapes, thumping beats or just a solo instrument such as the piano or a traditional ethnic instrument. His creative acumen encompasses not just vocals but music arrangements and composing scores for various platforms like TV, Film, and Theatre.

Spirituality often blurs the boundaries between things in the world and treats them as a whole. Abbas treats his music and his peers no different. For him they all are branches of the same tree and he keeps his heart and ears open to the opportunities of collaborating with other brilliant individuals.

After the release of his latest Sufi Fusion Album Tamaam Alam Mast, Abbas plans to take his music across the globe and spread the message of Love, Peace and Harmony.


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