Moor, another masterpiece releasing on Independence Day is a creation of Jami, known for his production, O21. Moor means ‘mother’ and ‘land’ and is a tribute to our motherland. Jami describes Moor as “the cure for all hopelessness, a film about Pakistan, which is specifically about trains… (and) about families… (and) how we should handle ourselves in a Pakistan where a new drama unfolds every day.”

The film was shot in Balochistan and is packed with action. Idea about this film took place in 2007 when Jami decided to travel to Balochistan via train, a journey which was supposed to be of 10 to 12 hours took 2 days.

On 14th August, fans will be able to see Hameed Sheikh, Samiya Mumtaz, Abdul Qadir, Shabbir Rana, Ayaz Samoo, Soniya Hussain and Shaz Khan gracing the screens.

Soundtrack features big names like Strings, Meesha Shafi, Rahim Shah for a Pashtu number, Rahma Ali and Javed Bashir. Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia have sung solo tracks as well with lyrics penned by

Trailer shows heart-wrenching acting by Samiya Mumtaz as female lead, frozen landscape, tribal tension which breaks into a fight, how selling their land put Palwasha (Samiya) into distress,  a fact ‘jis k hath jo kuch lagta hay, bech de ta hay’. Moor’s trailer also features Strings ‘Jogia’ which is an absolute winner. Enjoy it below.

Moor Film Collage

Music by: STRINGS

Lyrics by: Anwar Maqsood

Edited by: Rizwan AQ

Director of Photography: Farhan Hafeez

Story by: Jami, Nazira Ali, Eman Syed

Co-Produced by: Nazira Ali

Produced by: Nadeem H Mandviwalla

Written Produced & Directed by: Jami

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