Bridal Couture Week 2014 Lahore – Day 3 (Pictures)
Lahore: December 13, 2014: The last day of Pakistan’s most foreseen marriage show, Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2014 pulled in countless, socialites and fashionistas. The groups of onlookers were dealt with to the delightful fragrance of new blossoms and fun exercises in the lobby territory, where they caught the fun minutes in the perfectly planned parlors in the midst of crisp blossom courses of action, and were further enchanted by the change in décor of the incline region.

The style show began with Designer Mini Bindra’s sumptuous gathering titled Rubaaiyat-e-Khayyam. Her gathering was a tribute to celebrated artist Omar Khayyam’s Rubaaiyat, which is an accumulation of short lyrics on affection. Thus, the couture line excessively was an amalgamation of short sub-accumulations of excellent fabrics combined with her advanced outline sensibilities. She displayed a contemporary tackle customary shapes with fitted bodices combined with voluminous gharara pants and additionally hung dhoti troupes, improved with Persian themes flawlessly ornamented with pearls all through the accumulation. The many-sided weavings highlighted the palette in quieted shades of cream, beige, dark and gold with the periodic utilization of Persian red.

Smaller than usual Bindra-wedding couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures (1)after Mini Bindra’s noteworthy showcase, Sahar Atif divulged The Sultanate – a gathering that brought stunning weaving with the show of couture. The hundreds of years’ old legacy of Islamic workmanship, construction modeling and specialties was deciphered into the finest cases of exquisite groups. The Sultanate was an amalgamation of immaculateness of white-on-white compared against the advancement of Saai’s signature forms. Saai’s innovative methods reinterpret complicatedly made surfaces through different types of weaving, giving every gathering the pith of being a perfect work of art. The utilization of themes, flower, paisley and geometrics of the Islamic jaalis were prevailing in this accumulation. Despite the fact that the unparalleled excellence of velvet as a base fabric was magnificent, a play on layering of organza added to the loftiness of the accumulation.

Sahar Atif’s showcase was trailed by a hair and make-up presentation by Toni&guy, showing the most recent hair and make-up marriage patterns.

By elegance the runway was Samreen Closet’s REET, a flawless mix of customary fairness and advanced exotic nature. REET is certain to include an energizing new universe of savvy formed adornments gathering in your own gems box. The spark of REET was the uncommon gems of the Mughal Raj and the Persian Sultanate. It restored our verifiable custom of passing down a legacy to the lady. Giving an exquisite combination of social legacy, honorability and memories, it offered shining lacquers with an interesting network to accentuate the spouse’s beauty. Samreen Vance’s TBCW 2014 gems accumulation was brilliantly flexible, bringing a fine creator gathering of gold-plated and sterling silver adornments to match the wearer’s excellence and taste. For the conventional spouse, there’s a spin of merry shade in the dazzling accumulation by Samreen Vance. The radiant plans in her valuable gems included a touch of wonderfulness and sovereignty to the wedding dress. Magnificently created and set to flawlessness, it was intended to raise regular wonder.

Demonstrate one of the last day was closed by the planners pair Asifa & Nabeel. Their accumulation KLAH was about needle creativity, affected by the grandly magnificent Islamic Art (the craft of different rich societies). The plans were halfway roused from the hypnotizing innovativeness of Alhambra Palace in Spain, considered a standout amongst the most established craftsmanships in Islamic history, which was consistently highlighted through components of Persian Shahi Tabriz. Asifa&nabeel outlined KLAH, remembering the great mark methodology of the name, with the trendiest of contemporary yet conventional styles to give a perfect wedding look this season.

Demonstrate 2 began with an amazing showcase by Mehdi. His rich shade palette and outline style were increased in value by the actively present people.

Beside showcase was Munib Nawaz. Munib Nawaz’s TBCW gathering, Paradise Express was a tribute to a voyage, a goal and the medium through which our confidence in affection is accomplished. His gathering implanted itself in the marriage of dark complexities. The exchange of examples, surfaces and shades cleared route for a measurement of excellent manly profiles re-imagined for the advanced man. Overall created, lavish fabrics, and a rich play of shades met up in this accumulation. This gathering was about modernizing customary menswear for the 21st century courteous fellow who emerges owing to his consideration regarding subtle elements, quintessential capacity to be polished without taking after endorsed ideas and making a look that mixes components of excellent and contemporary together. Heaven Express was the adventure of a man of style into making his affection a reality!

Munib-Nawaz-wedding couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures (5)munib Nawaz’s gathering was trailed by the greatly anticipated showcase of the day by the masters of our style industry. The fragment titled “Powerhouse of Fashion” introduced the extraordinary, restless and chic container accumulations by HSY, Nicke Nina, Nilofer Shahid, Rana Noman, Zara Shahjahan and the phenomenal pair, Sanasafinaz.

Designing up for the fabulous finale of the ninth Telenor Bridal Couture Week, the crowds were given the last treat of the night with an exceptional light show by Shahzad Disaster and his pack, the execution further energized the actively present people, setting the temperament for the terrific finale

The wedding event was finished up by none other than the splendid Umar Sayeed. His gathering left the groups of onlookers hypnotized in its excellence and outline feel. The finale shut in a stupendous and emotional style with splendid choreography and enormous round of acclaim from the crowd.

The show was delivered by the in-house group of HUM Network, choreographed by the creator and errUmer-Sayeed-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-11 Umer-Sayeed-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-5 Umer-Sayeed-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-4 Tony-and-Guy-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-3 Tony-and-Guy-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-4 Tony-and-Guy-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-5 Sahar-Atifbridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-3 Munib-Nawaz-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-6 Munib-Nawaz-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-1 Munib-Nawaz-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-2 Mini-Bindra-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-1 Mehdi-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-5 Mehdi-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-4 Asifa-Nabeel-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-21 Mehdi-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-3 Asifa-Nabeel-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-5 Asifa-Nabeel-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-3-pictures-11


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