Bridal Couture Week 2014 Lahore – Day 1 (Pictures)
Lahore, December 11, 2014: Pakistan’s most expected wedding show, Telenor Bridal Couture Week (TBCW) started with glamour and style here at the Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore. Showcasing the most recent marriage patterns of the locale, the three-day occasion was all situated to showcase never-seen-before wedding wear patterns. The uber style occasion was overseen by HUM Network Ltd. as a team with Telenor. TBCW tries to advance Pakistan’s prepared and yearning style ability both on the household and worldwide stage.

Big names at Bridal Couture Week Lahore 2014

Day 1 of this three-day design event commenced with the unfathomable gathering of Zahid Khan, the virtuoso behind Kuki Concepts. His TBCW accumulation, Parisa was a tribute to the lady, conventions, traditions and estimations of the east. Roused by the fantasies and myths of the legends, Parisa got colossal thankfulness from the groups of onlookers and pundits.


Alongside showcase was the sensational gathering by Ali Xeeshan, displayed by Q Mobile. His gathering Daastan was propelled by the famous film Mughal-e-Azam. Ali Xeeshan’s Luxe marriage accumulation took the group of onlookers back in time to the Mughal Empire of the fanciful Anarkali. Palette, cuts, forms, fabrics and rich embellishments utilized as a part of this gathering paid tribute to the brilliant period of the Mughal Empire.

Staying valid to the dedication of the Bridal Couture Week supporting yearning for ability and giving a stage to adolescent and meriting architects, Telenor displayed Fozia Hammad’s “Objective”, a tribute to the Mughal City of Gardens. Fozia Hammad’s gathering affirmed that Lahore is a city that makes loyalties. Her TBCW 2014 accumulation, Laila-e-Lahore was basically a tribute to the city that has molded her plan feel. It was the disposition of the thousand years old-city that the gathering spoke to wherein Lahore itself appeared to be one major theme. This creative attempt by Hammad underlined a straightforward conviction: New York is gigantic, London is helpful and Paris is wonderful… yet… Lahore will be Lahore.

Shutting Show One of Day One was Tena Durrani who introduced her accumulation, a tribute to the contemporary spouse – a dynamic lady who has an exceptionally specific feeling of style. With a personality that is profoundly established in timeless, exemplary conventions, Tena Durrani’s marriage gathering fell inside the domains of a spouse for all seasons. Her TBCW accumulation ‘Perenia Progressive’ utilized customary artworks like kamdani and French ties and utilized new strategies to weave equips in pastels and rich shades, that brought about a genuinely remarkable, yet interminable marriage gathering.

Urwa and Mawra kissing Maria B at Bridal Couture Weekmaria B’s ‘Rose Garden’ was the first gathering of Day One Show Two, treating the actively present people to a dreamy and female accumulation set in eighteenth century France. The European cuts, weavings and palette all had a nostalgic and vintage feel… . yet the gathering was present in its shape and was intended for the current spouse.

Alongside showcase was Ziggi Menswear, the first ever UK brand to take part in the Bridal Couture Week. Ziggi Menswear exhibited their 2015 gathering, Musafir, an amalgamation of conventional weaving systems, for example, dabs, zardosi, dabka, kora, arri work, pita work, velvet appliqués, and the best of customary English customizing. Motivated by our society, legacy and structural engineering, Musafir was intensely affected by the elation of old enchantment. The palette utilized was maroon, gold, sand and a clue of blue. The accumulation was finished utilizing Ziggi Menswear’s signature superb fabrics – brocades, tanchoi silks, crude silks and velvet. The gathering gave the wearers an overall fitted and organized, upgraded look, oozing effortlessness and certainty.

Ziggi Menswear’s sister concern, Mehzabeen, additionally showcased their case gathering, Gulnari, which was about beauty and style. Gulanari typified the quintessence of a conventional lady, legacy and old world appeal in every individual piece. All the pieces were predominately red with an insight of turquoise, purples, pink and green. Weaving was decently adjusted all through the container accumulation which comprised of farshi ghararas, lehngas, long trail outfits, A-line dresses produced using chiffons, organza, velvets, brocade and Indian jamavar silks which fall with beauty, and style.

Ziggi Menswear was trailed by a hair and make-up presentation by Nabila, emphasizing the season’s most sultry hair and make-up patterns. The primary day of Telenor Bridal Couture Week closed with a uber design showcase by the matchless Faraz Manan. Each one season Faraz Manan brings the world to our feet with his manifestations and the story behind each one piece. Through his far reaching voyages, he takes persuasion from building design, insides, society and different individuals for his accumulations. From Lyallpur to Istanbul to Shanghai, Faraz Manan has transported us all over and now did a full loop, taking us again to our roots, to our socially improved city, Lahore. His accumulation was a tribute to Lahore and what it involves… society, custom, merriments, legacy and friendliness.

Contemporary yet eastern, his couture accumulation was especially outlined concentrating on the merry wedding season. In sync with the energetic life of Lahore, there were distinctive shades. The palette contained coral, shades of red, gold and dark, offering assorted qualities in bespoke outlines, and varieties in shirts, coats, saris and bridals

The show was delivered by the in-house group of HUM Network, choreographed by the creator and choreographer specialist HSY, with backstage administration by Production [021]. The make-up and preparing was carried out by N-Pro and N-Gents. The occasion was fueled by Q Mobile and co-supported by Tapal Green Tea. Fm106.2 was the authority radio accomplice was Peak Freans, with Nestle Pure Life as a partner supporter, and aroma accomplice was Junaid Jamshed J.T
Ziggi-Menswear-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-1 Tena-Durrani-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-5 Tena-Durrani-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-4 kuki-Concepts-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-31 kuki-Concepts-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-41 Fozia-Hammad-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-61 Maria-B-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-41 FarazMannan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-41 FarazMannan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-51 Fozia-Hammad-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-11 Ziggi-Menswear-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-6 Ziggi-Menswear-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-4 Ziggi-Menswear-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-3 Maria-B-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-21 Tena-Durrani-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-2 FarazMannan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-11 FarazMannan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-31 FarazMannan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-71 FarazMannan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-21 FarazMannan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-51 Ali-Xeeshan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-51 Ali-Xeeshan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-41 Ali-Xeeshan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-11 Ali-Xeeshan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-21 Ali-Xeeshan-Bridal-Couture-Week-2014-Lahore-Day-1-31





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