Bridal Couture Week 2014 Lahore – Day 2 (Pictures)
Lahore December 12, 2014: After the energizing and immaculate execution of Day 1 of Bridal Couture Week 2014, with uber exhibitions and Vips’ slope walk, Day 2 began with gleaming famous people and socialites on the wonderfully adorned Red Carpet, with parlors by diverse backers. The show region, changed into a wonderful wedding holiday likewise saw a few changes.

Demonstrate 1 of Day 2 commenced with a rich presentation by Ammar Shahid. His accumulation “Salvation” was a lovely show of wedding clothing. Striking cuts, unpredictable embellishments and one of a kind color blends were the qualities of his gathering. Ammar Shahid’s gathering shown the inventive drive behind the brand which was acknowledged and hailed by all.

Sohai Ali Abro wearing Umshanext to showcase was Umsha by Uzma Babar, exhibited by Telenor-Karo Mumkin. Her TBCW accumulation, Shehnai, comprised of wonderful shararas, ghararas, and farshi ghararas, in light of luxury fabrics including silks, crepes, chiffons, chamois silk and net. Extraordinary stress was laid on applying progressed strategies with mind boggling hand-weaving coincided with kora, dabka and gems on rich fabrics. Well known Actress Sohai Ali Abro likewise strolled the incline wearing Umsha Collection.

As is TBCW’s trademark, this time too there were captivating stimulation arrangements. An unique light show by Shahzad Disaster and his troupe left the group of onlookers hypnotized. Exhibited by Telenor, the execution got extraordinary acclaim and thankfulness from the actively present people.

The light show was trailed by Teena by Hina Butt. Hina Butt’s TBCW gathering was propelled by Persian society, particularly Persian floor coverings, which without a doubt are a genuine impression of Persian expressions and specialties. In her TBCW accumulation themes, shade and examples utilized as a part of Persian rugs were modernized and joined with contemporary cuts and a chic look, making it wearable for the advanced lady.

Paying respect to the Mughal City of Gardens, Saira Rizwan closed Show One of Day 2 with her TBCW 2014 gathering, Shalimar. The accumulation utilized a various scope of combination outlines and cuts, fusing both customary and contemporary plans, drawing spark from times past, highlighting the in abundance of antiquated times. The palette of the whole gathering involved dim tints and pastels tones, with recognized gold to supplement the whole range. Every troupe was an amalgamation of multifaceted and fastidiously nitty gritty work utilizing gold tilla, overwhelming pearls and Swarovski adornment. The accumulation additionally joined screen-printing that was carried out in-house. The accumulation involved 16 marriage and formal outlines for ladies and six menswear plans consolidating kurtas and shalwar kameez.

After Saira Rizwan’s excellent presentation of contemporary and exquisite marriage wear, the multi-capable and sensational Fahad Hussayn changed the incline into a theater in Show Two of Day 2, with his gathering Nautanki Rani, showed through a short play paying respect to the performing expressions. The conventional Pentecostal, Fahad Hussayn in relationship with Mehreen Jillani and Learning Alliance School framework showcased his accumulation in a never-seen-before runway presentation. The runway-cum-theater play, Nautanki Rani was composed and brought about by Mehreen Jillani, the music was an unique piece by Hassan Mohiuddin and was described by the fanciful Naheed Siddiqui. The story was a fable got from legends set in originated before Multan and Derawar Fort. The key components of the accumulation included impacts from Multani structural engineering and nearby specialty systems, and pilgrim impacts. The gathering embodied a wide show of hand-made weavings including vintage tilla, string work, sucha gota and other nearby hand-weaving points of interest, furthermore emphasized mark Fahad Hussayn PRINT MUSEUM couture prints in an energetic mix with couture weavings and embellishments that were hand-sewed to flawlessness. The gathering conveyed an extensive variety of gently created couture wedding wear for both men and ladies.

Alongside showcase was Aisha Imran’s “Trinket”. Her gathering brought essential articulation pieces and the brilliance of the antiquated spouse to the incline. The gathering emphasized conventional style of work, highlighted with ruby, emerald and pearl ornamentation. The gold tone in her work was steady and her mark style.

Aisha Imran’s “Gift” was trailed by a wonderfully choreographed Hair and Makeup indicate by Depilex.

Day 2 of the marriage spectacle was closed with Hajra Hayat’s “Ruler”. Propelled by the rich and extravagant way of life of the Mughal Empire, Hajra Hayat’s TBCW gathering joined woven silks, sheer tissues and regal velvet fabrics. The utilization of gold zardozi and gem embellishments upgraded the excellent cuts of “Sovereign”, while floor-length outfits and farshi shararas were the fundamental highlight of her timeless gathering. In her TBCW 2014 gathering, the shorter mid-lengths made a come-again with the ever prevalent churidaars.

Umsha-By-Uzma-Baber-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-1-400x600 Telenor-Light-Show-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-1 Saira-rizwan-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-1 Depliex-Hair-and-Makeup-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-4 Aisha-Imran-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-3 Hajra-Hayat-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-3 Saira-rizwan-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-3 Teena-By-Hina-Butt-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-1 Umsha-By-Uzma-Baber-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-2 Hajra-Hayat-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-2 Fahad-hussayn-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-3 Teena-By-Hina-Butt-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-2 Fahad-hussayn-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-2 Depliex-Hair-and-Makeup-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-5 Depliex-Hair-and-Makeup-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-4 Aisha-Imran-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-1 Amaar-Shahid-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-1 Depliex-Hair-and-Makeup-bridal-couture-week-2014-lahore-day-2-1

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