Band : 56ix
Song : Tumhey Pyar Du
Written / Composed & Vocals : RANA FAROOQ
Guitars : Umer Ejaz
Produced by: Shahan Khan
Recorded by: Imran Khalil @ Maann Studios!

– You can dowload recording of the the Famous “TOU PHIR AAO” phone call by Farooq (Vocalist : 56iX) to Mustafa Zahid(Roxen) in Female Voice.


One of Unique traits of The Band 56iX is that their vocalist Farooq can sing in both Male and Female voices. A band which works in almost all the genres. “The Band 56iX” has been playing in the underground scene since 2003 and hopes to satisfy its listeners by puting its best in the music it produces…The word “56ix” means “Playing under every genre and keeping it UNIQUE“.

56ix tumhey pyar du

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