Interviewer : Mahnoor Rathor
Interviewee : Rana Farooq (56ix the band)

As Salam o Alikummmm Farooq!!!
walikum as salam MahnooR,

Kesay hain aap?

Theeeeek thaaaaaak, thankyou! aap batao; !!!

good good…. acha jee to shall we?Β  shuruh karain the sawal jawab session:


ok. my first question:

1)How does Farooq describe himself as a musician? And how do you see the uprightness of a Pakistani musician in yourself and others?
Well i’d say that good music relaxes you, it cheers u up at times, makes u feel blue, brings a big big smile on your face at some point,
umm it is more like “a medicine of minds” – and i MAKE MUSIC; so technically i’m a DOCTOR! πŸ™‚
regarding the uprightness; i feel i’m really honest to music as a profession – i dont go for QUANTITY but QUALITY. i have a few projects in my belt
which i shall be releasing soon and they’ll tell you the kind of quanlity i’m talking about.
Mann re and No Ro are right there for you guys as examples of serious stuff.

2)What genre of music do you usually listen to? Who are your favourtie solo artists?
I listen to almost every genre; depends on my mood. i love listening to LIVE PERFORMANCES of different international artists; and i learn alot from them.
My day starts with an ALARM; i listen to whatever is on the RADIO when i rush to work every morning; during the day im more into CLASSICS like NANCY SINATRA’s “BANG BANG”,
AMy Lee’s “My Immortal”, Miley Cyrus’s “CLIMB”, CAT POWER’s “I FOUND A REASON” creed’s “with arms wide open”, 3 door’s down’s here without u, Dave Mathew’s “BARTENDER”… ghazals, oldies etc n the list continues.
many fav singers; AMY LEE, enrique, nusrat fateh ali khan, rahat, shaan, cat power, creed, dave mathews, kishore, kavita krishnmoorti, boyce ave,
and that young chap; whats his name… umm RANA FAROOQ?!?! haha! Yea! i love what i do – i love what i make … I’M MY FAVOURITE! πŸ™‚

3)If you get a chance to give awards to best male and female Singer in Pakistan. Who will it be awarded to?
difficult one!!! TINA SANI & RAhat Fateh Ali khan… but this goes without saying that i’d feel honored if i could ever tell people of this country that
we are blessed with many talented artists some of which are not with us anymore. soΒ  please please please respect all these people. We had big names like
Nusrat fateh ali khan, bare ghulam ali khan, nazia hassan, noor jehan etc. we still have decent talent but its just a matter of portraying it big.

4)What problems have you discovered in finding success so early in life?
nothing is easy – DEVOTION, HARDWORK, and most importantly THE ALMIGHTY up there makes it all easy for me; not to forget with the prayers of my parents. πŸ™‚
I wont complain for any problems, i’m glad i’m all good! πŸ™‚ ALHAMDOLILAH! I’m a workaholic!

5)You definitely hold a strong sense and respect for music. πŸ™‚ Anyway, to continue with, let your fans know if there’s one inspirtational musician you would want to be, who would top the list of the nominees?
like i said, I’m My Favourite.. haha!
well, i try learning good stuff from almost every artist and my fans know that already. they have heard me doing voice changes live in the concerts.
and this goes without sayin that I LOVE ALL MY FANS from the core of my heart. RESPECT!

6)Hmm, would you like to say something to your co-artists and any message for others underground musicians?
i’d just wanna say DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO and GIVE IT YOUR BEST.. no matter what!!!
Under-groundies: you guys have a long long way to go… i love promoting new talent and i’m always available if any help needed!!!
infact alot of under-ground musicians contact me and ask me how i change my voice etc etc – i never mind sharing my experiences with them…
they’re more like family.
and yea it makes me happy when people COPY mann re infront of me… πŸ™‚

7)How did it feel like when you gave your first autograph to a fan?
“outta this world…” but at the end i thought i cud have written that in a better hand writting! haha

8)Which is your favorite genre to work upon?? Are you a trained singer??
56ix itself is a genre; in which you can sing all that you want, any genre,
i’m not a trained singer – all that i do is just a gifted talent from the Almighty. but yea i jam regularly to improve it.

9)You have some very close friends in your life and people say you are fiercely protective of them?
i believe in caring for what i have today than to bargain for something that i might not have my entire life.

10)Farooq are you materialistic?
Absolutely NOT!

11)What makes you so angry, Farooq?
well thats a natural thing; sumtimes small things light the fire up and sumtimes big things go unnoticed!
but yea when i’m makin music or playin VDO games or watchin movies and the LIGHT GOES off and the UPS beeps –Β !@#%^%$#@ u knw wat im saying! πŸ™‚

12)So, are you approaching any directors on your own, or offers are coming to you?
i wont mind reaching out to experienced directors. someone with EARS!

13)What does performing on the stage mean to you today?
artist without stage is like sun without its shine! on stage I FEEL ALIVE!

14)What other hobbies, are you fond of?
listenin to good MUSIC, having coffee at any and everytime – movies, games… and even my work!!! like i said i love what i do! and i do what i love! πŸ™‚

15)Is there any other way where your fans can interact with you?
yea they can reach me at
I love to interact with my fans n im always active on these pages.

youΒ can also subsscribe to my channels on youtube for latest updates:
and yea i love it when people stop me in some mall or even on the road “aap mann re walay hain na” and i’m like “JEeeeh” haha!

16) any comments on PMR and any message to your fans out there?
Thanks alot Mahnoor; i loved your SAWAL JAWAB session… and thanks for the COFFEE!
PMR – Good job u guys duin out there – i remember PMR back in 2009 released my first song “mann re” exclusively… AND then again these guys
prety decently released my new song NA RO… bohat sara love n respect to you guys…
msg fr fans:
i’m coming up with a MEGAAAAA SURPRISE REALLY REALLY SOON FOR ALL OF YOU!!! YOU GUYS JUST be original, buy original n keep supporting us… I LOVE YOU ALL! *HUGSSSS*

At the end i would like to say a big THANKS for your time.. and i hope you will get more success in the future :)AMEEN,inshALLAH,Keep rocking πŸ˜€Β 

YEA N one more thing i really wanna extend my gratitude to some people who mean a great deal to me, all those who’ve supported me and my band throughtout.
all those who’re managing my facebook pages, twitter etc, my TEAM 56ix and all the lovely fans that i have by my side… just wanted to say that

take care – Allah Hafiz

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