PMR`s exclusive interview with Moeez Khan .

PMR : Which part of your life you would prefer to replay but in a different way?
Moeez : i dnt want to replay any part of my life I am happy whatever happened with
me in past whether it was good or bad ..

PMR : Is it that being music icon was what you aimed and worked for throughout your life?
Moeez : No i am just following my luck .

PMR : What inspires you each day to work better in days to come?
Moeez : My success .

PMR : What kind of music you would be likely to deal with?
Moeez : Hip hop,Trance.

PMR : What is your vision of spending a good life?
Moeez : I want a balanced life. i want to give smile on everyone’s face through my Work that will make myself satisfied for whole life.

PMR : Your craziest crowd was?
Moeez : When i performed in skans concert at Model town club.Crowd was awsome .

PMR : ‘Kurti’ was your milestone in music industry; how that song happened?
Moeez : Kurti was a featured Song With billy x.He met me in music competition where i performed “Kurti” then he offered me to do this song with him.

PMR : How can your fans meet u ?
Moeez : They can join me on my official fan page : Moeez Khan

PMR : Your comments about PMR ?
Moeez : PMR is providing very gud platform to new artists. i like the way PMR promote new talent of Pakistan .


Interview by : Asim Javed Awan & Fatush Shahid

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