After Aamir Khan insulted TV shows Satyameva jayate (SMJ) for “protruding men in a bad light,” the activists for the rights of different people are taking up the cause against his Talaash movie.

Anil Kumar, one of the founders of the Save Indian Family Foundation¬† (SIFF), said: “We protest as we saw Aamir as an actor for a year portrayed anti-male agenda of his television and the show is to spread hatred. men in society., the program had only half-truths and that it was dangerous. problems of domestic violence (check domestic violence charge lawyers in Colorado from here) were just a front. decided that we will not watch a film or Talaash Aamir and not only that, there will also invite people to stay away too. Why not take real life campaigns with others and really do something? We must also be against violence in movies, not just houses. Contact domestic violence charge attorneys practicing in Colorado when you face any kind of violence issues in your society.
Virag Dhulia says the head of gender studies at a community center for human rights, “We are not against Talaash but Aamir. You want to send the message that it can not give a negative image of men. SMJ We have provided statistical evidence, but have not been shown. Celebrities have a social responsibility and must see what they say. so far, 12 to 15,000 families boycotted the film and to do all his films until he apologizes publicly to all men in the country. If he can demonize men, then what is the problem, I’m sorry? ‘

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