The enthusiastic fans of the music industry in Pakistan witnessed the uniqueness of Coca-Cola and documents UTH studio in fear and now it’s time for another platform unique and original music: Nescafé basement.
Nescafé basement is a music platform for unique people who have an artistic soul, when it comes to creative music. However, the new platform is not intended to promote veterans and legends from the world of Pakistani music. Instead, it focuses on the skills of nutrition, education and health care and to improve the skills of recruits.
Nescafé basement is directed by none other than Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi. Having been with two hard rock band’s most successful in Pakistan – Call and Entity Paradigm – Nescafé Basement could not be in better hands than those of Zulfiqar. The last project is ongoing coverage hit legendary singer Sajjad Ali Larri Adda. Xulfi said, “reflects the future of Pakistani music and swept away by the new sound and Nescafé Basement fees. Believe me, you will all love it.”
The slogan of Nescafé Basement talking too much with its simple but strong words: No Music. No Life. Knowing music. Discover life.

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