Nescafe Basement – Hamesha original by E.P with lyrics (Download Audio/Video)

Vocals: Asfar
Backing Vocals: Turaab
Acoustic Guitars: Rabi
Electic Guitar: Shahrukh & Fawad
Bass Guitar: Haider
Flute: Adrian
Violin: Hamza
Original Song by EP

All Music Arranged, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Xulfi
Directed by Murtaza Niaz (Murzie)
Head of Productions: Saad Mahboob
Post Production: PMR Studio Works

” A heavier one this time from Nescafe Basement. It is always difficult to rethink of one’s own composition in a way which not only credits the original but takes it one step forward.. This is Hamesha, originally by EP. The passion with which everyone played this song is evident in the performance. For me, this was a very important time in the Basement’s evolution as here the music started to get heavier and everyone started to have even more fun playing. In essence, the Basement’s energy went next level and it did not remain 15 individuals together on stage anymore, it became 1 band. Experience the Irtiqa! ” – Zulfiqar J Khan

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Silsile tor ke
Chal diye kidhar
Aik hee mor pe
Bas aik hee nazar
Beetay dino’n kee woh baatain
Yaad hain magar
Kuch naheen is jahan mein
Jo tu nahin idhar

Aik mein aik tu
Aik hee basar
Aik hee jaan pe
Marte hain magar
Beetay dino’n kee woh baatain
Yaad hain magar
Kuch nahin is jahan mein
Jo tu nahin idhar

Chahay kuch bhee ho ja’ye
Mein rahoon ga
Chahay waqt thum ja’ye
Mein rahoon ga
Mein rahoon ga hamesha
Mein rahoon ga
Maut a’ye tau a’ye
Mein rahoon ga

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